The major differences between online web poker casino, and land based video poker games.

Some people assume that video poker is video poker. Not a lot of people that the video poker played on a gaming website can actually differ a great deal from the video poker machines found in brick and mortar casinos. These differences can be understood by simply grouping them into several important categories.

Perhaps the most important category of differences between these two types of video poker is regulatory oversight. The design and operation of the land based machines is typically regulated by one of two bodies, either the state or the Indian gaming commission for the jurisdiction. There is a separate federal licensing that many of the online casinos pursue.

The most important fact to take away from this information is that both kinds of video poker are regulated effectively. There are many urban legend accounts of online casinos running in an environment that is unregulated however the truth contradicts these stories. In many cases, the online video poker applications are being MORE heavily regulated. To be honest, strict regulation on the hardware (not just the software) of the physical machines results in less payouts for the physical units. Owners of brick and mortar establishments have the art of lessening payouts down to a science because they’ve had decades to work on it. Both types of video poker are designed with algorithms to deal, randomly, from fair (un-biased) decks. The algorithms and computer programming do differ yet the results are more similar than different.

Online video poker literally comes in thousands of varieties. Some type to appeal to everybody’s taste. The machines in brick and mortar casinos are much harder to produce and ship out through the supply chain. This production process is far more arduous, so to meet regulatory guidelines for a variety of stats/Indian commissions, only around a dozen video poker game machine designs exist.

Perhaps the greatest advantage that a web based video poker game would have to offer the gambler is pure convenience. Only certain regions allow brick and mortar casinos to set up shop, and some of these regions only allowing doing so on a river or coast line. Almost, anybody can use their computer to log onto a gaming website and create an account. Gaming websites have the same sort of wide outreach that state lotteries have.

If you attend a physical casino to play video poker machines on a very regular basis, you will be invited to join an advantages club. Machine players in physical casinos are typically offered advantages that are limited to free food, drinks and other simple amenities. Playing online poker, at the right website, could lead to serious bonuses however. Many online video poker websites offer bonuses in the form of free money to play with. Each dollar could likely go much further with a poker website.

Neither option is particularly complicated to operate. A physical machine will have a few large, well lit, flashy buttons for the player to use. Playing poker on a website will require the prerequisite knowledge of using a PC and surfing the web. With today’s tech savvy society, this is not an issue at all. Also, consider that many websites set up their click areas to resemble the types of buttons that can be seen on a physical machine. This means that ease of use is relatively the same for both of these options.

Believe it or not, the type of video poker that a person prefers to play could rely heavily on the environment. Websites are convenient, and a person can choose their hand, in their pajamas, from a laptop in the privacy of their own home. The machines that are found in casinos will offer an environment that is special all on its own. The loud sounds, smells, people serving drinks and dinner buffet are all experiences that one can only reap if they choose the machine option and actually visit a casino to play video poker. Many casinos offer live entertainment that even the people at the video poker machine can clearly hear. Environment, while often overlooked, is a very important part of the equation. There is no denying the fact that the websites have seen an incredible growth in membership over the past five years compared to traditional casinos. Online players will argue that concert venues are better for food, drinks and entertainment. These people prefer the convenience of online gambling.

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