Online Sports Gambling News 2015

Back at it again, a congressman in Utah-Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, is trying to get online gambling banned again in the United States. He has taken on this project as his own, putting up a huge fight. The act called “Restoration of America’s Wire Act Bill” was introduced once before, last year, and was not successful in being passed. Now he has resubmitted the act and is trying to get it passed again.

It was also said that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who represents the state of South Carolin, is also going to be proposing his own version of the bill. He proposed his version last year as well with no success. The original law passed in 2011 by the Justice Department, says all online gambling is legal except for betting on sports. Now a Utah congressman is trying to have that overturned.

The specialist who works for a research firm in this area says he does not think the bill will pass. There are very powerful people on either side who feel passionately about the subject, so he says it looks like they will simply cancel each other out. Online gambling is only allowed currently in the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada.

The bill reopens a long standing fight between casino owners, internet gambling sites, and people who are fighting for family value. Mr. Chaffetz is also fighting for family values, as he sees this as a direct attack on that ideal. He is worried that it is too easy for an underage gambler to get online and play with no way for parents to have control over them.

One of the biggest backers of reversing online gambling is Sheldon Adelson, who is a huge casino owner who makes millions every year on this sport. Because he donates huge sums of money in the direction of Republican backers, he is considered a powerful threat. He has even started a group to lobby against this subject called the “Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling.”

His biggest worry is obviously to protect his large number of casinos which is his bread and butter. He is claiming to refuse to back down or give up and will fight to try and block online gambling to whatever end is needed.

Opposing group “Poker Players Alliance” has stated that there is no record of any cases that have been proven of minors who are betting online, or anyone playing who their state is not authorized for people to play. These two opposing people did meet last month to discuss their opposing views but so far no result of their talks have been reported.

In other news, a senior rep for the European Commission asked all European countries to set up a system for licensing to set up for online game sites.

Online Sports Gambling?

The commissioner of Major League Baseball stated that he feels he and the owners of the major league baseball teams need to talk about having sports betting available online. During an interview that was broadcast on ESPN last week, Rob Manfred said that because of the changes we have seen in society, he feels now is the time to talk about the possibilities that online sports betting has to offer and how the owners in the league feel about that possibility.

The commissioner of National Basketball Association, Adam Silver, made a statement late last year about the subject saying the Federal Government needed to put together some rules and regulations for controlling legal betting on sports. He said he had brought up the conversation with other commissioners of other sports leagues to think about as well.

Manfred did not want to express officially where he stands on the subject, but it is clear he is not taking the traditional hard stance that has been seen in the past as usual against betting on sports in sports leagues.

A poll was taken in different sports of how athletes feel about the subject and between half and two thirds agreed with the idea of sports betting if it was legal. Of the athletes polled, one third said they gambled on sports other than the sport they played in and almost 60% said they participated in other types of gambling.

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