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Big news is sweeping Nevada, Las Vegas, to be specific. Las Vegas is known as the “gambling strip.” According to reports, FBI agents and Vegas Regulation individuals violated the rights of a businessman and his son. This all happened last summer, only now the judge is saying it should be “thrown out of court.”

Here’s a recap….

These individuals posed as internet repairmen to get inside a Vegas hotel, all for a gambling probe. These officials were trying to pose a ruse to collect some information. Now the judge is saying there is “lack of evidence.” What justifies his position on this? Only about a dozen things.

First off, the judge said the ruse didn’t justify what the outcome was supposed to be. What does this mean? According to the judge, what they were trying to uncover didn’t justify how they went about doing it. What supports this? The Fourth Amendment is in support of the ruling. For those familiar with this amendment, they will understand why the judge is ruling this way.

A defense attorney has said there is not proof. Without the proof, the case should be thrown out. This coincides with what the judge’s ruling is already. Judge Andrew Gordon is the one making the ruling. He has spoken about the possibility of a trial. If there is a trial, then he will preside over it personally. However, he feels there is nothing here to support any trial moving forward.

According to inside sources, there are also other things to consider. These individuals are showing a complete lack of understanding for the Constitution. They also informed the judges as to what was going on.

They have already plead “not guilty” to illegal wagering and operating an illegal gambling scheme. If these charges are to stick, these men could get up to 14 years in federal prison.

Back in December, these men had gone into three Caesar Palace Resorts, all of which are private. They has been looking for something specific under gambling law. According to sources, the warrants were “baseless and flawed.” These men also had not justifiable reason to search this private property. They entered illegally and had not reason to be there.

Here’s the thing, a warrant isn’t validated under what it uncovers. All the warrant validates is having a “constitutional reason” for being there. Without that full consent for search the property, the warrant is useless.

The judge has cited the FBI during this investigation. The person who got the warrant failed to mention why they needed it. They only disclosed a small amount of information. They failed to mention about illegal gambling boiler room activity. This activity is the reason why they wanted to pose as these two people and collect information. Had the person been more honest when obtaining the warrant, there might be more evidence working in their FBI’s favor.

They also failed to note why they felt Phau had ties to organized crime. Both he and his son were impersonated by the FBI, so they could collect the information. Phau’s attorney still is maintains his client is not with the 14K Triad. It the gambling and his connection to the Triad they were hoping to piece together.

One thing that FBI noted was the computers being hooked up in the adjoining rooms, all being linked to some sort of gambling activity. The judge has called this “sketchy” at best. He also declares this as “reckless” on the part of the FBI.

What they do have to go on is Phau’s prior arrest record. The judge is aware of it. In July, before Phau was arrested, his gambling ring walked away with over $13 million in cash. He is also accused of pocketing millions from the World Cup Soccer Games in June.

Pham, one of the FBI agents, insists he thought he had permission to be there. He thought he got permission from the hotel staff and the managers.

As things move forward, both Phau and his son have posted bail. The bail is just over $2 million. His jet is being held as some form of collateral. Both of them are wearing GPS monitoring devices.

Though the judge is not completely sure of the evidence, they are still being watched. Only time will tell if Phau and his son are actually guilty or if the FBI just made a “reckless” mistake.

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