What are online casino bonuses

There are different types of bonuses offered at any given online casino, which sometimes has resulted in disagreements, confusion and undue stress to players who do not understand what they are. Thus, the purpose of this article is to expound the different kinds of bonuses that you will come across in online casinos. It is worth knowing that all bonuses carry a playthrough requirement before the winnings are cashed out. Thus, if you are eyeing bonuses, find out what a playthrough is. Secondly find out which games are permitted and the ones not allowed. The online casino bonus calculator will let you know the bets or stakes you have to place.
Explaining the Playthrough and wager requirements

It is at this point that most confusion that ultimately results in disagreements will arise. The mathematical example below will shed some light on the concept of playthrough and wager requirements.
For instance, where a casino rule states that you have to play your deposit and bonus 20 times (20x) before cashing it; this is what you need to do:
Deposit $100, and you get a bonus of $100. This will give you $200 to play with. Then you must bet/wager the $200 at least 20 times before you think of cashing out any winnings. This just means that you will need to make $4000 worth of bets first.

In another instance, a casino will say that you only have to play your bonus through a certain number of times. Using the example above; you’ll start with the $200, but just $100 needs to be played through 20 times (20x). This means you will need to make at least $2000 worth of stakes to cash out.
After grasping the above concept, you certainly need to take note of the games that are allowed and the ones that are not. Many of the online casinos, you’ll come across exclude some games from the playthrough. And as such if you make ten grand worth of wagers/bets on an excluded game like blackjack, your playthrough value still stays at zero, and you won’t be able to withdraw anything. Another different casino will allow playing blackjack using a bonus, even though it will come with a high playthrough prerequisite. Thus, you must read your casino’s terms because they differ significantly.
The subsequent paragraphs contain a comprehensive list of different bonuses and their descriptions.

No Deposit Bonus

This is the most basic form of all the bonuses. All you that you are required of is just to register a real player’s account with the casino giving the bonus, and then you will receive the money. In these instances, you do not have to make a deposit to your new account to receive it. Sometimes the bonus will be automatically credited to your account and in other cases you will be required to claim the bonus with a submission form on the casino’s website or by sending an email confirmation. The bottom line is that it is very straightforward.

There could be restrictions placed on this kind of bonus at the various casinos, but all you need to do is to make sure you go through their terms and conditions and also ensure that you understand the rules. One of the restrictions, for example, may include stipulations on a maximum amount that you can withdraw using the no deposit bonus. Other casinos may not impose a limit on the withdrawals, but you would be required to make a nominal deposit before withdrawing the winnings.

Match Bonus
This is the bonus you get when you make a deposit at a casino. The casino matches the deposit with a certain percentage of the total deposit.
Consider this: A casino offers a 100% match bonus for values up to $200. This means that you will get 100% free money on top of any deposit amount you make up to $200. That is to say, you deposit $100 and you will be given another $100 bonus amount, making your total funds $200. Or that when you deposit $150 you will get an extra $150 on top of that which will then total up to $300.

Match bonus is usually made for new players who are making their first deposit at an online casino. The aspect that one need take note of with these kinds of bonuses is the percentage amount to work out the correct value you will get for the money deposited.

Free Money Bonus
This is a first deposit bonus where you will get a constant bonus regardless of the amount you deposit in your account. A good example will be a casino offering to give you free $90 if a deposit of at least $10 is made. From this, you will now have a bankroll of $100 to game. Still, if you make a different deposit of $50, you would only get $90 on top of that because the bonus is a fixed amount.
This is all about figuring the mathematics right. If you compare free money bonus to the match bonus of another casino, you will realize that by depositing the $10, you get more value for your money. That is a whopping 400% extra cash.
So don’t be too quick to dismiss a casino that offers a bonus that is seemingly too small at a glance. Take your time to do the math and find out what that would amount to or mean if you go ahead to make the minimum deposit amount required.

Sticky Bonus
This is a bonus that is offered to gamers to play with, but is not permitted to be withdrawn. This means that you will get a bonus to play with alright and once you attain the playthrough requirement, you can only withdraw the winnings you have that are over and above the original bonus amount. The bonus money will be deducted from your account when you make your withdrawal.
Online casinos are in general very generous with their bonuses. Some casinos are known to offer a player up to $3000 in bonuses alone. This means that you can play the games with the maximum coins and bets permitted and getting yourself a magnificent payout ratio when you finally hit the jackpot.

Exclusive Bonus
As the name states, these are bonuses that you will only see at select websites with which the casino has made an exclusive deal with the site owner to offer its members. These bonuses can take the form of any of the previously mentioned bonus variants. And as emphasized before, always make sure to go altogether with the terms and conditions of the casino.

Loyalty Bonus
Loyalty bonuses are given to the consistent players who have gotten to a certain status at an online casino. The amount and type of the bonus will be different for each casino. Some casinos do not have a mandatory playthrough on these. Just some casinos do have the stipulation. You will only need to meet a status requirement to be able to cash these out.

The most important thing thus, from all the information on the bonuses, is to scrutinize the rules, the conditions and do your math before going for any of the offers. You may also visit www.casino-online.us to check out the different kinds of the bonuses discussed.