Getting Started – What You Need To Know

Getting started in the online casino world can be hard but with, it could not be easier. While most sites require you to register with them and enter a credit card number before you can play their games, does not. Simply open up the website in your favorite internet browser and you are ready to start betting. There is a game for everyone to love with over 50 free games to play! You don’t have to be an expert to get started playing with easy to follow instructions that are provided for each game. Most games require an uncomplicated click on this or that and next thing you know, you are winning big! Test out your skills without any consequences and be amazed at your prowess.

A good place to start are the slot machines. Fantastic 3-D graphics transport you to another world where you can spend “A Night in Paris” or have a rendezvous with the “Madder Scientist”. has something for everyone. Most games require a simple click and the wheels spin, lights flash and you are getting matches left and right! When you make enough matches, a lot of the games will give you a free bonus spin, something that all love. Another feature is being able to choose what lines you want to play, increasing the likelihood of success. Bonus features can vary depending on which game you choose to play. Aside from the normal slot machine bonuses, a number of the games follow a story line. You get sucked in with their story lines and only by getting a certain spin, like three or more Napoleon paintings in “A Night in Paris”, you unlock more of the story line and you can finally learn what happened! Then there are the games that are re-booted from previous games, like the “Madder Scientist,” yes there is a “Mad Scientist” but he is not nearly as crazy. Some newer elements include updated graphics, better betting options, and progressive jackpot where you can win everything if everything falls into your favor.

Once you have mastered the slot machines, you can go onto play another game, like roulette. The roulette game on is like one that you can find in any major casino. The max table bet is $500 and the minimum is $1, all you have to do is place your chips in whatever area of the grid, number or color you feel is going to be lucky. After you do that, you spin the roulette wheel and wait to see where the ball lands. A close up view of the wheel leaves no doubt on where it lands and it makes it even more exciting when you see that your number/color is where it landed! Roulette is always a fun game of chance where you can test out your psychic abilities.

If you prefer to play against someone, like the dealer, then blackjack is your game. Blackjack does take some basic math skills to play but nothing too daunting. The object of the game is to either get 21 on the first two cards (called blackjack) without a dealer blackjack, get a final score higher than that of the dealer without going over 21, or have the dealer bust while you are sitting pretty with less than 21. It is as simple as that! With the blackjack at, you can split your cards, hit to increase you count, or stand if you think the dealer will bust; everything that you would do in a real life casino to increase your chances to win. Keeping count of your hand is imperative to win. Cards 2 – 10 are face value, all face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are worth 10, and aces can either be counted as 1 or 11. Blackjack is a more interactive game than all the others where you can feel like you are actively playing and win big! has a lot of different features to make your playing experience enjoyable. If you prefer, you can download our software right onto your desktop for increased graphics, no time limitations, no banner ads, and over 50 casino games for your choosing.