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Online Slot Machine games are readily available on the internet. Many times you will find sites which will have you register and set up an account to use any of their games. At, there is no need to do this. You can use the slot machine games without preregistering. All of the online games are free to play at any time. This allows you to spend your leisure time enjoying yourself without the hassle of logging into an account.

Slot machine games online are played in much the same way as the actual slot machines available in casinos. The premise is that you place a wager and then either press a button or pull the lever to spin the wheels. Depending on your wager or how many “lines” you have chosen to play, matches can earn you a win. Most of the games will require at least a match of three like items in order to win but some of the games require more.

Wagers and Lines

Wagers are the amount of money you wish to play for the upcoming spin. In pay-for-play games, this is actual money you would have deposited into your online account. In free slot games, this is only “make believe” money. Since it is free to play, there are no real dollar payouts except your enjoyment of the games.

Slot machines are designed with either three or five reels. These reels are what spins when you pull the lever. Depending on the game, when viewing the slot machine you should be able to see about three different pictures on each reel. The pictures are lined up going across. These lines are how you would wager. If you were to bet three lines, then you would be playing to make matches on any of the three lines showing.

However, lines can be in many different direction on the game playing board. They can go across, up and down or diagonally. Depending on how many lines you choose to play, making a match in the designated design will win.

Game Tips

It has been shown that the more lines you play, the better your chance of winning at slots. New players will most likely choose the lowest number of lines to play until they become more experienced. More experienced players will often choose to play the maximum number knowing the chances of a win are greater. Payouts will depend on the amount you have chosen to wager.

Choosing the right number of lines to play as well as the best amount to wager is a personal choice only you can make. Whatever you are most comfortable doing is the right way to play. There are no hard and fast rules for this.

Picking your online game site is also important as most will require some type of registration while others allow play at any time without signing in. This is important if you want to play but do not want to put your personal information on the computer. However, most online game sites are secured and if you do put your information in, there is no need to worry about it. Security is key in choosing a site to play.


Although winning at slots is a totally random act, there are a few things you should remember when playing.

Check the payout schedule for any of the slot machines you wish to play. Here you will find how much each game will pay upon winning. The greater the payout, the greater the odds of winning. Choosing a game with a smaller payout gives you more of a chance of winning. This is a good way for you to practice without having taking too much time for a win.

Look for games that include a bonus area. These are separate areas within a game where players can easily increase their winnings. Normally, you would have to match three or more of a certain type of spin to get to the bonus area. The payouts in bonus games are higher than in normal slot games.

Some games will have a feature called Doubling. Once you have made a match on the reel spin, a special button will light up and ask if you would like to try to double your winnings. Players will take a chance on another spin of the reels to try to match what the game is calling for. If you make the match, your earnings are doubled. This feature is one of the more difficult to win however and many seasoned players will choose not to double.

The types of slot machines available can be anywhere from standard poker type games to more fantasy based games. Each of these games will vary in what they will pay out. Many of the fantasy type games can also be played in 3D (an increasingly popular type of game) and payouts are normally higher. Pick a game to play carefully and you could be winning many times.

Look for games with “Wild” cards. These are random cards that will show up when you spin the reels. They increase your chances of winning and many times a game will allow another special bonus section for matching various numbers of wild cards. The payouts for these types of bonuses is larger than most.

Use the help feature found on most online casino games. Many times they will lead you to a site map where information is provided on each game they have and how to use it. Having this information can be invaluable for players.

The increase in the popularity of online casino games in recent years is due to the fact that people want to enjoy their leisure time without having the hassle of travelling to a casino. The availability of online casinos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is another reason people are choosing to play online. The number of different online games and the variety of slot machines in particular are why most online players prefer this method over casinos.

Remember that wagers, lines, bonuses and wild cards are important in your game play strategy. For the beginner, careful research is needed but should not take you a long time. The advanced player will know what to look for and many times will find a certain favorite slot machine they like to play. This is different for each player and the choice is yours. Your gameplay experience is enhanced by winning and using some of the tips and strategies above will help you in making the right decision.