What is Online Roulette?

Get ready for probably one of the biggest thrills that you can experience in a lifetime. The exciting game known as roulette will definitely get you hooked and rolling. Just like any other game, it is important that you understand a few things about the odds you will face with roulette. The definition and history of roulette goes back a long time.

In French terms, the world roulette means “little wheel” and its history dates back to a French origin. However, there are other Internet websites that contain a historical summary of roulette and refer to it with an English origin that has different names such as Ace of Hearts and Even Odd. Some information also reveals that roulette has Italian roots through a game called Hoca.

There are several different versions of roulette featuring different applications of the rules involved in the game. Every type of player will find this game entertaining and accessible. American and European roulette are two of the different kinds of roulette wheels that are available to play. The American version of roulette is very simple to understand and has become quite popular. The wheel features pockets for the black and red numbers from zero to thirty-six. The zero and the double zero is special to note. It is easy to place a bet on an American roulette wheel because the table is easy to understand.

The layout is one of the notable differences between American roulette and European roulette. The numbers on the American roulette wheel are put in pairs opposite to each other, while the European version places numbers randomly around the wheel. There are also some rules in the European version that are not commonly played in the American game.

There are variations of the game of roulette which brings more similarities. When playing roulette, you have to locate the table layout first. The green table next to the wheel has several spots for you to put your bet. Out of all the choices available, there are two betting categories which are called the inside and outside bets. With higher odds, inside bets offer higher payout chances. Inside bets also include betting on single numbers and split numbers. On the other hand, outside bets have lower payouts but better odds. They include a bet on red to black, even or odd, specific numbers, and a group of numbers in a column.

A dealer and a croupier, the person who arranges the bets, manages the roulette table. The wheel is constantly spinning and bettors have to place their colored chips on the table. The dealer then calls an end to betting and assumingly everyone will be done putting bets on the table. Winners are paid out according to the payout based on inside or outside bets.

With the differences in the variations of roulette, the American version is the simpler version to play. There are many ways you can enjoy the game of roulette. There European and the American versions as well as a lot of online versions as well. Free online roulette games are a good way to get started in experiencing the rules of roulette as well as the flow of the game.

Roulette’s Basic Rules

The wheel is one of the most noticeable features of the game. It is like the inside of a bowl spinning around while a ball rolls and later comes to a rest on one of the 38 numbers on the edge of the wheel. While the ball is rolling and during the call of the croupier, bets can be put on the numbered mat using colored chips. Until now, even in English speaking areas, playing the game of roulette uses French terms in the betting area. However, in the US, most casinos use English terms and a different mat may be used.

The number of different bets and association of odds gets much interest from most players.

Terms – Words used in the game of roulette include the Rouge, or red numbers, and the Noir or the black numbers. Pair refers to even numbers, Impair refers to odd numbers, Manque covers the numbers 1-18 and Passe refers to the numbers 19-36. Passe is the French word used because the ball has passed the middle point of the numbers. Manque is the French word for failed and it used because the ball has failed to pass the number 18.
– 2 to 1 – Refers to the twelve first numbers.
– 2 to 1 – A column of 12 numbers.
– 6 to 1 – A set of six numbers. Place the stake on the intersection of the edge of 2 rows of 3 numbers to bet on the 6 numbers in the 2 rows.
– A 9 to 1 odds is a set of four numbers. If you wish to achieve this odd, place the stake at the intersection of the 4 squares of the 4 numbers you choose to bet on.
– 12 to 1 odds is made when you place the stake over the line in a row of three numbers.
An 18 to 1 odd is achieved after placing the stake across the line dividing the 2 numbers you choose to bet on.
Betting on a single number has an odd of 35 to 1. Place the stake in the box with the number that you want to bet on. Betting on a zero is also allowed.
Banker’s Edge

The original wheel in the roulette wheel has two zeros and Americans still use this wheel. This is probably one of the reasons why the American version is now the more popular. It was only in 1842 when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc made a wheel with a new style with only one zero. Both wheels were played in France and Europe until the 20th century.

If a ball falls into one of the numbers, the bets are taken by the bank with the exception that the bet was matched by it being a pair, rouge, or passe. The bet will be held until the next spin of the wheel. On the next turn, the stake or bet will either be lost or if the ball matches the bets again, the stake will be returned to the gambler without profit.

If you take a closer look at the odds, you can find out how you can win in the game of roulette so that you give yourself a better advantage. The two extra numbers on the wheel are the primary factors in giving the bank the edge in the long run. On the other hand, since the ball has the odds to fall on the zeros twice for every 38 balls, the bank profits around 2.5 percent. With these odds, you can see straight away that the game is leans in the bank’s favor. For example, a single number stake pays odds of 35 to 1. Since there are 38 spaces for the ball to fall in, the correct odds are 37 to 1. As time passes, the bank gets 37 to 2 odds or over 5 percent of all money staked on numbers or groups of numbers.

Logging onto the Internet to visit www.casino-online.us will help you find more information about the online roulette game. Make sure you know the rules well before you start playing. You may end up losing more money on a game that you barely know. In addition, it is recommended that you try free online roulette to get plenty of practice before playing with real bets and real money.