Online Craps Strategy

Craps can be a riddle to beginning players. Many professional craps players rely on a few key strategies. With a little understanding and some strategy you will be able to play at a professional level. Success in online craps games revolves around knowing how to bet, and knowing the odds in play. The more you familiarize yourself with these important strategies, and others discussed on, the better you will play. You may even find yourself creating a strategy of your own! Let’s take a look at a few popular strategies for playing online craps:

Understanding the Game of Craps:
Whether you are a seasoned professional or interested in playing your first online craps game, brushing up on the basics of craps will help improve your overall experience and this will be reflected in your winnings. Many professional craps players learn to play online. Some professional players never even visit a casino. Still, learning to play craps online is a great way to prepare for a real life casino experience. When you visit craps tables in real life it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. As a newcomer, standing at the craps table for the first time, not knowing what all the phrases being shouted mean, and the speed of the game can make your head spin. That is why learning online craps is great way to start. If you are new to craps you will be able to learn quickly without being overwhelmed, and if you are an experienced player then you can play as quickly as you can click.
One way to understand the game is trial by fire. That way can be dangerous if you are using real money. However, most people like to read tutorials and forums first, so be sure to go through as many of those as you can before you play. Here are just a few basic terms and phrases that you should know:

  • Any Seven: Betting that the next roll will be 7.
  • Come Roll: This is the opening roll by a shooter. It happens either at the beginning of his turn or after he has made a point.
  • Point: A point is a number established on Come Roll. It can be 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

Using Money Wisely:
Almost as important as knowing how to play the game is knowing how to use your money wisely. Using your money wisely is a skill that connects deeply with every good craps player because if you don’t know how to use your money wisely you won’t be staying at the craps table long. While playing online craps, it is reckless and dangerous to play with money that you cannot afford to lose. Be sure that you won’t miss the money, especially if you are playing with real money. Even if you can afford to lose, you should pay close attention to how quickly you are winning bets and losing bets. Winning big and losing big creates strong emotions within players. It can lead to reckless playing, and it can cause serious gambling addictions. When you are in control of yourself, you are in control of your money, and you have a much higher chance of winning at online craps.

Playing Odds:
When in doubt, playing to the odds in online craps is a way to walk away a winner. This bet is played only after the opening shooter establishes point. This is often called a “Free Odds Bet.” Many online casinos have rules that allow the Free Odds Bet to be worth up to two times more than a player’s opening bet. When you find online casinos that do this, it is often a good strategy to place a lower opening bet accompanied by a high Free Odds Bet.

The Safe Strategy in Playing Online Craps:
In the Safe Strategy, there is only one way for the player to lose. The strategy is started by first placing a bet on “Don’t Pass.” This bet must be placed at the beginning of the game to ensure profit. The next step of the Safe Strategy is to wait until the point is set. When this happens, the player should place an equal bet on the point. By playing in this manner you will only lose if an eleven is rolled. If a seven is rolled before the point is set you will get your money back. Everything else is profit. Playing in this manner is known as “playing it safe” because it limits losses. The only way to lose when playing safe is to roll a seven or an eleven before the come out. Typically, playing the Safe Strategy is a slow way to win over a long period of time.

Knowing Best Bets and Worst Bets:
If you have the basics and the money to gamble in online craps, you need to focus on what bets have a higher chance of winning, and which bets have a lower chance of winning. Knowing the best bets and the worst bets will keep your game in check at all times.
Playing Pass Line Bets and Don’t Pass Line Bets will help you double up your earnings each hand. If you play other casino games like blackjack, or roulette, then you will already be accustomed to and you may welcome these types of odds. Playing these bets will give you a win about 50% of the time, and the house only has a very slight lead on you. In fact, Pass Line bets and Don’t Pass Line bets are favorites among many professional craps players.
Another common strategy when betting is to “Bet Against the Line.” Betting this way has a very small advantage over Pass Line Bets and Don’t Pass Line Bets. The only problem with Betting Against the Line is that you are betting against the other players. When they win you lose and when you win they lose, so you can imagine how betting this way frequently in a casino can make you very unlikable. It isn’t as big of a problem when you win this way in online craps. That is one of the luxuries of playing online: nobody can follow you out to the parking lot!
Look out for bad bets that are sometimes caused by aggressive behavior. These bets often have high odds of winning. High odds are, of course, accompanied by a large payout. Although the payout sounds nice, the house always has an advantage. Betting on Hard Numbers can often lead to a loss.

Giving the House 0%:
Giving the house a 0% advantage is every players dream, and guess what? It can be done! In order to give the house a 0%, you will first need to place a minimum bet. Then, you will want to bet on the odds, either Taking the Odds or Laying the Odds will give you the 0% advantage.

Wrapping Up:
To be successful at online craps you have to know the odds and know how to bet. With these strategies in mind, and with a little luck you should be able to shape your game into a winning experience. Any time you add strategies to your repertoire you will come out on top!