A Simple Guide To Online Craps

Playing online craps may be something you’ve been wanting to do for some time, but feel intimidated by all the complex rules of the game. If can be a riveting and exciting game to play in the online world if you take time to read up on the basics of how to play.

For those interested in learning, the basic rules need to be kept in mind. The concept of the game is actually based on the outcome of rolling a set of dice. The shooter, or person rolling the dice, starts the game off by throwing the dice on a craps table. The combined numbers from both dice will determine if the shooter wins the game, loses the game or continues the game for more rounds. That’s the simplicity of playing craps.

Before all of this takes place, the shooter must place a bet on the table even before he begins to roll the dice, as in all games of chance. He is betting on the pass line. The first roll is called the come out roll. If the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven, it’s a winner. If the shooter rolls numbers that add up to two, three or twelve, the shooter will lose the pass line bet. If he rolls a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, then he has made what’s called a point number, and the game will continue on. What the shooter now tries to do is roll that same number again without rolling a seven, because if a seven comes up first, it’s a loss.

The rules get even more complex. Many people love playing craps because it is a game that combines luck with a high betting strategy and lots of action. The crowds get in to the game too, hollering and clapping,drawing others to the table.

With online craps, it can be just as fun after understanding the game. Like the Don’t Pass bet, which is kind of like the opposite of the Pass Line bet. Here the shooter wins on two or three, ties on a twelve and loses if he rolls a seven or an eleven. But if he rolls a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, the shooter will establish the point number. The hopes is that the shooter will roll a seven before he rolls his point number again. If he does roll a seven first, the Don’t Pass bet wins.

The Come Bet is placed after the shooter makes the Come Out roll. After placing the come bet,the dice are rolled, the come bet goes to the point number that was rolled which actually becomes the number you are gambling on. Sound complex? It can be, but reading some of the rules first and with a little online practice, a shooter will get the rules down fairly quickly.

Their is also the Odds Bet, which is to back up the bet the shooter already made and to earn a higher payout on the win. There is also the big six, which pays out if the shooter rolls a six before a seven. The big eight works the same, paying out if the shooter rolls an eight before a seven.

The complexity of the game of craps can be understood by going online to a site like www.casino-online.us to read the rules and regulations on how to play. The guide here is a basic introduction to the game and there is a lot more intricate details online.

How much money can be won by playing the game of craps? It depends on how much you wager. It also depends on how many others are making a wager when you play. There are others on the sideline who make what is called side bets. They are actually betting against you winning. The game can get complex and there can be a lot of money changing hands in a game like craps.

Understanding the buttons to use will help the shooter to play the game much easier. The button called Roll, will roll the dice after the shooter places a bet. The Repeat button is used to do just that, to repeat the bets that were made on the previous round. There is also a button called Clear All. This button removes all the bets from the table. The online version of the game will remove all bets on the table if the shooter uses this button. The Remove button is used when the shooter wants to remove the chip on the table. By right clicking the download version, it will remove the chip on the bet.

The odds of winning online craps is really the luck of the draw. The numbers that are rolled are out of your control, but by understanding the odds of rolling the numbers can help to decide to make the right play by choosing which games to play based on the odds. For instance, some of the hardest numbers to roll because the dice combination has the hardest odds. When playing craps, the harder it is to roll certain numbers, the higher it pays out. For instance, the odds of coming up with two and twelve are one out of thirty six. Or the three and eleven combinations odds are one of eighteen, where the odds of a four and ten offer odds of one out of twelve. It also depends on the amount of possible combos for rolling these numbers. In other words, to roll a five and nine, there are four possible combos, giving the odds one of nine. It is a bit more complex, but overall, playing craps online can be lots of fun.

The history of craps says craps originated in the Middle East. The game was called hazard at first in western Europe, where it became very popular in England and France. Then in the eighteenth century, the French sailors brought the game to America. New Orleans especially, where a new and different version of the game became immensely popular. The dice rolls were called crabs by the sailors, but spectators thought they were yelling craps, changing the name completely.

The twentieth century brought craps to Las Vegas. It doesn’t happen only in big cities like Vegas and New Orleans though. Craps is found on the streets of urban cities all over America. Now, with the internet, online games is the way to play.

This simple guide to online craps can be better understood by combining this guide with more complex research found at www.casino-online.us. for a game that will blow your mind in the fun category.