What is Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is a rather straightforward game that can be played both in person and online. There isn’t much difference playing online than it is in person, although it is very important for you to look at a few different variables. For starters, you usually are not going to be playing against other people. While you do not directly compete with others who play blackjack on the same as you as you are playing against the dealer instead, the other players take cards away from the deck. If you are skilled in adding up and counting the different cards used, it is possible to determine the probability of landing better hands with blackjack. This is something you just are not able to do through an online service, as every time the cards are dealt and used, they are returned back to the deck itself. Because of this, you need to keep this in mind. However, outside of simply altering a few strategic elements, if you are able to count cards, the gameplay is going to be the same. So, if you are new to the game or if you have been playing it for a while, it is always important to go over when to play the cards and what to do depending on the hand.

If you have never played the game before, it is all about being the closest to 21 without going over. The dealer is going to deal a card to you then a card to itself. The dealer is then going to deal you a second card and leave the second card covered for the dealer. Your card are both facing up. If you are closest to 21 without going over, you win the bet. However, if you go over, the dealer wins the bet. The number value cards are all worth the number printed on the card and all of the face cards are worth 10. However, if you land an ace with a face card, this is equal to 21. Now, after you look at your cards, you are able to do one of a handful of different things. First, you can stand. This means you do not want any more cards and you wish to stand on what you have. Next, you can hit. With a hit, the dealer is going to deal you another card. You can also double down or split. A double down means you are going to increase the original bet by up to 100 percent. It is possible to do this after receiving an additional card to stand on. Then there is a split. A split can be performed if you receive two of the same card (such as two fours) in your first two cards. When you split, this separates your bet into two bets. When you split, the dealer is going to draw an additional card for each hand. Basically, this allows you to play two hands at once. It is important to look at the set rules for splits though. Some online blackjack casinos are going to allow you to split any variation of 10 (such as a 10 and a king). However, others may require you to only split the deal if you have two 10s or two kings. There is also the option to surrender in some games (not all, so check your online blackjack). This is only available after the first two cards are dealt. In a surrender, you receive half your bet back and the hand is dead.

For starters, depending on where you decide to play online blackjack, you might be asked to purchase insurance. This is not a good idea and you just need to avoid buying it all together. It is not something you really need and it is really just going to be money you end up tossing away. So, as a rule of thumb, no matter where you are, what website you are on or if it is offered to you in person, you need to avoid accepting the insurance and just play the game.

Now, there are few variations where you should hit at all times. However, if your first two cards equal between five and eight, you want to hit, no matter what. Now, if you have a value of nine, it is going to depend on what the dealer’s up card is. If the dealer has a 2, you want to hit. If the dealer has anywhere from a 3 to a 6, you want to double down. From there, if the dealer has a 7-9, a 10 value or an ace, you want to hit. Now, if you do not want to double down or bet twice the value, you can replace this with a hit. Should you have a total value of 10, you want to double down on any dealer up card value, unless they also have a 10 or an ace, at which point you want to hit. If you have an 11, you want to double down on anything but a dealer’s ace, for which you want to hit.

Once you hit 12 is where it starts to get interesting. If the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6, you want to stand. At any other time you want to hit. If you have a 13, 14, 15 or 16 value hand, you want to stand if the dealer has anywhere between a 2 and a 6. At any other point, you want to hit.

Now, if you have an ace in your hand and a 2, double down on the dealer’s 5 or 6, otherwise hit. The same is true with an ace and a 3. If you have an ace and a 4 or 5, double down on the dealer’s 4, 5 or 6 and hit on every other dealer up card. If you have an ace and a 6, double down on the dealer’s 3-6 and hit on the rest. Now, if you have an ace and a 7, you want to stand on a dealer’s 2 through 8 and hit on a 9, 10 or ace.

Now, it comes to pairs. If you land a pair of 2s or 3s, you want to split against any dealer up card outside of an 8 or above. In which case you hit (or if the dealer has an ace). If you have a pair of 4s, split with the dealer’s 5 or 6. Any other time you hit. If you have a pair of 6s, split with the dealer’s 2-6 and hit any other time. With a pair of 7s you want to split on everything except 8 or higher (including ace), if you have a pair of 8s, split no matter what, and if you have a pair of 9s, you want to stand if the dealer has a 7, 10 or Ace, or you want to split any other time.

Remember, if you ever land on 17 or higher, you always want to stand, and you always want to stand if you have an ace with an 8, 9 or any 10 value. You always want to stand on a pair of 10s, play a pair of 5s as a 10, and always split your aces into two hands, as you may be able to land a double blackjack.

This should give you the best strategy to win your game and to do whatever you can to improve your chances of landing some online blackjack cash.