Difference between Online Roulette vs Land Based Casino Roulette Table

A land based “brick” casino normally has only one type of roulette game for players. A top online casino website can offer different types of games with different types of odds, which can appeal to different gamblers. Online games give players the chance to play and spin multiple tables at the same time. Playing online for most players simply means playing roulette with the freedom of choice.

Playing roulette in a land based casino is a totally different experience than online roulette casino gambling. One form is not better than the other. It seems that some gamblers prefer the online experience and some others prefer the experience of going into the casino. For land based roulette players, the casino is an experience like going to the opera. The land based gambler sometimes enjoys the experience of getting dressed up and even reveling in the noise and commotion that is associated with a busy casino. They enjoy the company of the other gamblers at the roulette table and they simply like to be seen.

In the world of a land-based casino, the croupier is the absolute benign dictator and controller of the roulette table. The croupier decides when the game begins and when to spin the wheel and when to close off bets by announcing “no more bets please”. The pace of the land base game is set by the croupier as only they determine whether the pace of play is slow or fast. Every roulette player has different tastes and is a different type of player. Some players like to play fast, bet fast, see the spin, and get into the action. Other players like to take pace themselves and take their time while they calculate their chances against the table odds and engaging their roulette strategies, which could include deciding whether or not to bet on the date of an event on their own birthday or the birthday of another. This is the benefit of the online roulette games. Playing roulette in an online casino game will accommodate, every type of roulette player regardless of their style. An online player can devise their manner of play after going through their calculations. Thy play at their on place and can stop and go when they please.

Bettor’s also enjoy the fact that online roulette games have quick and accurate payouts. With a land based roulette game a bettor will be gambling with multiple players which require the croupier to calculate everyone’s payout, which will be different based on what type of bet they each placed. He might have to pay one roulette player a 30-to-1 payout on a $10 straight bet, while having to pay another player 18-to-1 on a $20 Split Bet, and yet having to pay a third player 12-to-1 on a $35 street bet. This requires a lot of calculation which will take time, even for a good croupier, who may be great at mathematical calculations. The odds with human nature is that inevitably a croupier may make a mistake.

Contrary to the possibility for human error when a bettor wins at roulette online, the roulette gaming computer software calculates and figures a bettor’s payout instantly and more accurately and then deposits the payout immediately into the bettor’s casino account. The bettor does not have to wait for a croupier to do any math or to pay other bettor’s or players, and there are no mistakes.

A bettor playing online casino games enjoys the convenience and comfort of playing the game anywhere and at anytime. There are always some fun advantages that apply to all online casino games. A bettor has the pleasure of playing at home on their computer or from their laptop before they even get out of bed. Online gambling today is simply easy, more comfortable, and more convenient. Unless the bettor desires the atmosphere of the casino experience they do not have to worry about the hassle of having to travel to a casino and they also avoid the distracting noise and commotion which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Online roulette is sexy and in today’s multitask world is a game that can be enjoyed on the train, at the opera during a coffee break or just for quality fun time.

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