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This slot game is called Viking Age. It is a fun, 3D (three dimensional) game with all kinds of fun things going on. The front face of the game depicts hand carved rock with intricate detailing and heads with faces from their gods from battle. You have different Viking Warriors ready for battle that will jump out at you with an ale cup in their hand and growl at you, then there is the enemy, the weather that will show the pouring rain, or the snow coming down so heavy they can barely see to walk in it, there is even an icon that is a target that has arrows being shot at it. All of these will jump out at you with moving motions and sound effects as you spin and land on them, especially if you get more than one of the same icon. They female warrior at the bottom will cheer you on when you win, including pumping her fist in the air because you have won.

There is a “choose coin button” which you click on when you want to change the amount of coins you want to bet. There is a “select lines” button you can click on to change how many pay lines you want to play with. There is a “bet per line” button where you choose how many coins you want to bet per reel. There is the “spin” button that spins the reels. Then there is the “max bet” spin button for the maximum coins you can bet per spin.

In the game, there are pictures of Viking warriors with female warriors fighting right alongside of them. You are following them into the life they led during that period. They are fearless with the guts to take anyone and anything on and to win at any cost, and they will fight to the death. They eat and drink with huge appetites of fighting men who go out to battle and do not know if they will return. They destroy villages and steal any of the women they find in their risqué outfits and their long, pig tailed hair.

This casino game, Viking Age is a fun, 3D game with a lot of visual and audio special effects. There is a female Viking Warriors who stands out in front in the corner of the game. If you do not play the game fast enough, she will yawn, pick up a roll and read it, then tell you “any day now” to tell you to hurry up. She will cheer you on whenever you win or get to the bonus round or anything to do with winning money. There is very dramatic music with pounding drums playing as you are spinning or deciding what to bet or changing how many lines you want to play. There are pictures of different Viking warriors, complete with the ships schooning over the waves and the water, with the lightening and rain coming down, other ships, treasures of gold with jewels, axes, swords, helmets and damsels in distress that they run into while they are searching for treasures and fighting the enemy.

There are 5 different reels (rows) that spin on this game with 30 different lines that you can win from. There are free spins that you can win playing this game. You can bet anything from two cents to seventy five dollars on each reel or on each spin.

There are two different bonus games. The first bonus game is called the Runestone Bonus game. If you can spin the five reels and get three of the red helmets to land out of the five, you will win a game. You will have the choice of picking one of the ancient symbol icons and win the prize that comes with it. If you spin and three of a little mythic type animal icon comes up, then you will win the bonus game feature which lets you win free spins or you can win a chance to play the bonus game. You can also win bonus spins by getting three, four or more of the Viking ladies in a row on one spin.

If you spin and you get three, four, or five of the ladies with the red pigtails on the five reels, you will then win the multiplier with the free spins. The number of free spins depends on the number that comes up. This could also tip of the multiplier option.

The icons of the Viking warriors are the ones with the biggest jackpots. If you spin and two or more Viking Warriors come up at one time, you can win $100 to $125. If you spin and get three of any one warrior, it pays $250 to $375, depending on which warrior comes up. If you spin and get four of the warriors, you can win anywhere from $625 to $750, depending on which warrior came up. If you win five of the warriors, you can win anywhere from $1250 to $1500.

There is also the chance of spinning and getting the three hands that are locked which will then set off the arm-wrestling bonus. The player of this bonus game will have the choice of who will win the coin toss to start the arm wrestling competition. The player picks their favorite to win and then watches them compete to see which one is the more superior in strength.