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Online slot games are everywhere now. They appear on almost every website that you access and offer great prizes and easy chances of winning. They are what you can say are “a dime a dozen” and they are all entertaining at some point. Winning big is one promise that remains to be very attractive to a lot of people.

However, if you are looking for a fast way towards an upscale lifestyle and looking to make it with the world’s elite, you can do it with Tycoons. With its new features designed by Betsoft, this online slot machine can give you a chance at winning the jackpot while at the same time giving you a sneak peek of the kind of lifestyle that winning such a coveted prize can bring. You can easily give this game a try. With 30 pay lines and 5 reels, this is an exciting way to find out if truly you have what it takes to be a successful tycoon. A tycoon that aims for a monopoly. A tycoon that wins it all.

This new slot machine game is entertaining because it makes fun of the world’s super rich and their lifestyles. It brings the realism of the lavish lifestyle of filthy rich tycoons and even features their different profiles in the game as the four main characters and players. You might already be able to recognize these profiles.

Outright, the online game shows you different caricatures of tycoons. There is a face of an Arabian tycoon who is wealthy from the oil business, the nerdy tycoon getting his wealth from startups or technology, and even a high-class female socialite heiress. This setting completes your mission: to beat the tycoons and be on your way to become a tycoon yourself. Just like any other game, there are challenges. This game makes challenges fun and as soon as you go on the website, the page will dazzle you with its features that are reflective of the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

In the background of the webpage there is a mansion that shows the lavish lifestyle that getting rich can offer. It includes a shiny red car parked in front of a big house right between two tall tropical trees with the name Tycoon in bold and shining gold. There is even a fountain placed front and center where you can find the basic button which allows you to start playing. However, Tycoons is more than just the presentation that you immediately see. The game has a great line up of features that include bonus spins, the Instant Credit Pick Me bonus, and the poker round. This game will surely help you see cash become a reality.

In a normal setting, Tycoons are thought to be at play with the rest of the world. However, in this simulated online slot machine game, you are the one playing with the tycoons. You can immediately gain from different, cool bonuses after the reels have been spun. Bets are made between $.01 and $.75. Bonuses are to be expected in this generous online slot machine game which will definitely keep you on your heels.

One of the bonuses that you can get from spinning is the free spins. When you spin and get 3 or more of the tycoon characters that has an fs symbol on the bottom right, this gets you a free spin. This can also lead to double wins in the game. Another feature of the free spin is that the second, third, and fourth reels are expanded and become wild reels. This feature is easily accessible through the spin button and it will surely keep you excited.

Another feature that you can find in the Tycoon online slot machine game is the Instant Credit Pick Me. This feature is activated when you get the gold pile photo, money clip icon, and check book icon on your winning line. The random bonus gives you an instant credit win and also will give you more chances of winning prizes and the jackpot. This is easily one feature that makes Tycoons a favorite. It is like a game within a game that keeps you wanting for more.

Lastly, there is another feature on this online slot machine game that makes it better than others which is the Bonus Round. This is triggered by getting three or more decks of cards on your winning line. Doing so will lead you to an exclusive poker game where only the elite of tycoons are able to participate.

These four tycoons will be the choices as you will be the one to predict the winner between them. If you pick correctly you will receive a huge prize. This part of the game makes it distinct from other online recreational betting games because the rounds bring in different bonuses. This feature makes winning exciting because it can come from different directions and times.

This new and exciting game is well-thought of and very playable, although the traditional slot machine game is being overshadowed by other features. However, it does not take away the reason why people have been flocking to play slots: to win. Having this feeling takes Tycoons to another level. It is fun, comes with different characters that you have to beat, it is user-friendly, and the text buttons are easily understood. You will definitely enjoy this slot machine game. Each level and each win will take you closer to your dreams to become the new tycoon.