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Stage magic has yet to grow old. There are many slot machines that offer this type of theme but the great thing about this particular theme is that True Illusion has mastered more areas than any other slot machine has yet to master.
There are many different aspects that makes True Illusion slot machine worth the play. With it’s exciting, interactive platform, it’s hard to deny the fact that this particular slot machine offers it all. Betsoft created True illusion with 3D in mind. It’s overall focus and direction is pinned towards the idea that the better the graphics, and the better the bonus features the better the experience.

Players have the ability to interact with the magician as if he were sitting right in their living room. This magician will do tricks along side his gorgeous assistants, birds, cards and magic hats. And Even though his tricks will come off some what corny, each one of those tricks could potentially earn players rich rewards.

At first glance it’s hard to believe that this slot machine is nothing more than just another slot machine. But there is so much more to this slot machine than meets the eye. It is full of great bonus features, and has an overall presence that lures players in one reel at a time.

The Objective of True Illusions

This five reel slot machine offers players 30 lines of fun and adventure. With True illusions, one never really knows what they are going to get. The magic theme has a main objective, and that main objective is to match symbols from left to right on the active paylines. Playing on these paylines could possibly trigger a win.

Even though players tend to focus their attention on the overall objective, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this slot machine is a definite attention grabber. With it’s 3D graphics, animations and sound, it’s pretty difficult to compare this slot machine to other magic themed slots. The magician hisself never really goes anywhere. He continues to perform his tricks on the side of the screen while players are continuously spinning reels.

The thing that players should keep in mind when playing True Illusions is that payout is infrequent, but payouts are high. There are a few small payouts but for the most part, players enjoy higher less frequent jackpots. Even though this is somewhat of a downside when it comes to playing True Illusions, it doesn’t mean that the potential of winning big isn’t there.

Amazing Bonus Features

Bonus features is what makes or breaks a slot machine. Most players are intrigued more by bonus features than anything else. Which is why True illusions keeps their players coming back for more.

There are wild symbols that can easily substitute all normal symbols. When the wild symbols pop up on the wheel, be ready to swap. Unfortunately wild doesn’t mean a win. But they do play a key role when it comes to the main special features. There is a center wheel that is packed with wilds. If a player gets all three wilds that run consecutively, they will make the entire wheel spin, and they will also get to see the magician lock his assistant away in the center reel. When the magician does this, this will keep the wilds in place for seven total spins. Many players who play True illusion and experience this bonus feature can hit for over 1,000 coins per spin.

Most slot machines utilize the character as a symbol in their slot machines. That is exactly what Betsoft did. The magician has a special purpose, and his purpose is to be the scatter symbol. Even though players can’t win anything just by hitting his symbol, they can land three or more on the screen and be converted to the free spin mode. During the free spin mode, players will be able to put together winning combinations, watch these winning combinations disappear, while other symbols take their place. This free spin mode bonus feature could win players huge winnings.

Card symbols play a big role in the bonus features. If a player just so happen to land three or more cards anywhere on the reels, players will activate the “Pick a Card, any Card” bonus game. The great thing about this bonus is that no matter what card a player chooses to pick, they will instantly win a bonus. There is no way players will loose when it comes to playing this bonus game.

The bottom line is that True illusions is a fun game to play. There are a handful of special features that aren’t overally difficult to grasp. There is no learning curve, and the platform is easy to navigate. There are many lucrative winning options that will keep players wanting to come back for more.

Playing a classic slot machine such as True Illusions can be a benefit considering that this particular slot machine doesn’t bombard players with an overload of features. It does offer a vast variety, giving players exactly what they need to have a great time, while winning rewards.