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Treasure Room Slot Machine Game Bonuses

The Treasure Room slot machine is loved by many gamblers for its opportunities to win. There are many different ways for a person to win when they are playing the game. Since they will be able to maximize their earnings, it is recommended that they place the maximum bet before they spin. It is a fun game to play, and it offers great bonuses.

There are three different possibilities to win bonuses on the Treasure Room slot machine game. They are the bonus with three bonus icons, the sword and shield bonus and the treasure chest bonus. By playing continuously, a person will up their chances of hitting the bonuses. They should be aware of the all three bonuses so they can look forward to hitting them.

Bonus With Three Bonus Icons

When a person gets three of the bonus icons on an active payline, regardless of position, the bonus will be triggered. When the bonus is triggered there is an opportunity to win more. There is ample opportunity for a person to hit this bonus. They should keep playing the game until they are able to hit the three bonus icons. Playing maximum line bets will allow them to get the bonus in a quicker fashion.

Second Screen Rare Treasure Screen

The bonus triggers another screen with an exceptional opportunity to increase earnings. On this screen, there are three doors, which open to have three unusual stones in them. As a person opens the doors, they will find opportunities for instant winnings. It is important to keep picking the doors until the stones are found. Once the three stones are found, then the game will revert back to the main screen. The main screen will allow the person to continue playing the Treasure Room game in order to try and reach the bonus again.

· Three bonus icons need to be on any position on a payline.
· A separate screen will appear for the bonus.
· Open the doors on the screen for instant winnings.
· Find the three precious stones behind the doors.
· When they are found, the game will go back to the regular screen.

Sword And Shield Bonus

Another bonus option is to get three, four or five of the sword and shield icons. These can be in any position on an active payline. A person can win 125 credits all the way up to a total of 5,000 credits. This will all depend on the bet per line so maximum bets are encouraged. Playing the maximum bet will increase earnings in the rest of the game also. The instant bonus will appear when the sword and shield icon is clicked on. This can be very good so many people look forward to receiving it.

· Must get three, four or five of the sword and shield icons.
· Since they can be in any position on a payline.
· Winnings can be very good.
· A person may receive between 125 credits to 5,000 credits.
· The bonus will depend on the bet per line.
· Maximum bets are encouraged.
· The sword and shield needs to be clicked on to receive the instant bonus.

Progressive Jackpot Bonus

In order to get the progressive jackpot bonus, a gambler will need to have five of the treasure chest icons. The progressive jackpot can be extremely high, and it is possible to win it. This type of jackpot increases until someone hits the progressive jackpot. The amount that it will reach will depend on how many people are playing the game until the jackpot is hit.

· Progressive jackpots can be extremely high.
· To get the progressive bonus, a gambler will need to get 5 treasure chest icons.
· It is very exciting to hit the progressive jackpot.
· Progressive jackpots depend on how many people are playing the game.
· The more people that play the game, the higher the jackpot will climb.
· Once the progressive jackpot is hit, it will begin to accumulate all over again so others have a chance to achieve it.

More Information About The Treasure Room Game

When playing the Treasure Room game, many people try to increase their luck in a variety of ways. Everyone has a different way of playing, and when they first play the game, they should study the instruction page. Different symbols win different amounts and it describes how all the payouts are considered on the page. When knowing this, a person can make an informed decision on how many lines to bet on, although it is recommended to make the maximum bet for the highest earnings. The game is exceptional because it has great graphics that have very vibrant images.

Playing the Treasure Room game is fun and interesting. The bonuses are wonderful to receive for awesome winnings. If a person enjoys playing the Treasure Room game, they will most likely do so again and again. Many people win a lot of money when they do. A player that has success with the game likes to keep on playing order to try and receive the progressive jackpot, which is a fantastic way to win a lot of money.