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BetSoft Gaming is a software developing company that continues to blaze the trail when it comes to building reliable, reward delivering slot machines. The three wishes slot machine is one of the more popular online slot machines that players flock to when they want to test their luck. This five reel, 30 payline slot machine is built with 3D graphics in mind and offers players free spin options and excellent bonus features. BetSoft understands the importance of giving players usual bonus features that will potentially help the player win higher payouts.

Although Three Wishes isn’t a progressive slot machine, it still has many positives. Players can win a jackpot of up to 250 coins which is a pretty hefty reward. There is a free practice mode so that players can get comfortable with platform, and learn their way around.

Three Wishes slot machine is a 30 payline, five reel slot machine that has 3D video graphics out of this world. It is action packed and built around the cleverly famous Aladdin theme. This slot displays some of the archived items associated with the Aladdin character, such as carpets and magic lamps. Special items used throughout this slot machine can often be found in popular stories that includes the famous crazy genie who will grant you three wishes.

The Three Wishes Slot offers players amazing 3D animations that brings the platform to life. It seems that the Genie pops out at players during play, and the quality of the 3D visuals are so stunning that they are almost equivalent to an HD movie.Players will be taken through the middle east with beautiful background music to accompany their experience. Coin sizes ranges from $0.02 to $1.00 and players have the option to play the maximum bet which is $150 per bet per spin.

The Three wishes Online Slot machine comes with a whole host of different bonus features, and symbols, as well as Click Me Bonus Feature, Magic Carpet bonus, Magic Lamp Bonus and the Free Spin Bonus game.

The Three Wishes offers an expansive amount of winning combinations making the possibilities almost endless. There are more than 40 different winning combinations with a whole host of different symbols. This list of symbols consist of the Monkey, Magic Lamp and Treasure Chest that is used as a bonus symbol. There is also a Magic Carpet symbol that is the wild icon. This symbol can substitute only the feature icons. Just when players think that they have run out of symbols, they are presented with paying symbols that are pictures of camels, belly dancers, and crossed swords. All reel symbols has it’s very own animation, and is activated whenever a winning combination is triggered.

Bonus Features

No matter what type of slot machine player one might be, the first thing that is looked for is the bonus features. Bonus features is what makes slot machines worth the time and effort. Three Wishes Slot machine developers didn’t skimp out on the bonus features, making it extra enticing. There are four different bonus features that can be found on the Three Wishes.

The first bonus feature is activated when a player receives a Magic Carpet. This wild symbol is located on reel one and when it is activated, and after it pays out- the Magic Carpet will fly atop all of the other symbols and squash any symbol that is in it’s path, turning them into prizes.

The second bonus feature is activated when players receive 3 or more lamp bonus features. Players can receive these three lamp bonuses anywhere on the payline, making this bonus feature even more interesting. When a player gets three lamps, they will be taken to a different screen showing. This screen will show a lamp, which will encourage the player to rub so that the genie will pop out and give them 6 different wishes. Players can choose 3 wishes, and all wishes will be a prize.

The third bonus feature is activated when a player gets 3 or more Treasure Chest bonus symbols. These bonus symbols can be located anywhere on the payline, and players will be awarded between 5 and 25 free spins based on the number of Treasure Chest symbols given.

The fourth bonus feature is activated when the Monkey symbol positions on reel 3. Players can expect the above symbols, the below symbols and the symbols to the left and the right of the Monkey to display a “Click me.” Players can simply click each symbol one at a time to reveal prizes. If the Collect me word pops up on any of the symbols, the feature will come to a complete end.


With hundreds of online slot machines floating around, it can be pretty difficult to say that the Three Wishes Slot machine is the best slot machine ever. But it is safe to say that this slot machine is a fantastic game that offers players a great experience through dynamic game play, high quality graphics, fun bonus features, and reasonable house edge.It is perfect for players who are new to the online casino community, and or for people who are in need of a new place to test their luck. Either way, players can easily find what they are looking for on the Three Wishes slot.