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For a true wild west experience when playing online slots, the True Sheriff slot game is the one to shoot for. This wild and exciting 3-D slot game has all of the thrills and bonuses that any aspiring cowboy or cowgirl could want for big wins and unmatched golden pay-outs. Take a shot at beating the bad guy and earning some cash with the large number of bonus games and extra opportunities to double-up and put even more in the bank. The incredible and numerous bonuses offered in this game are sure to fill your sack with cash.

Character Pay-outs

There are nine different characters or icons that appear on the reels. Each of these has its own pay scale which increases in value with the addition of each character. Lining up three of these icons from left to right results in a win with the pay-out increasing for four or five of these characters landing on the active paying reels from left to right.
The Sheriff character pays 30 for three, 180 for four, and 1,200 for five of these icons landed on the reels.
The Barmaid character pays 15 for three, 60 for four, and 240 for five icons landed on the paying reels.
The Letter Q pays 5 for three, 30 for four, and 120 for five letters lined up.
The Villain Cowboy pays 30 for three, 120 for four, and 900 for five of his character being lined up.
The Letter A pays 10 for three, 45 for four, and 180 for five of this icon in paying lines.
The Letter J pays 5 for three, 20 for four, and 90 for five of these icons on the screen in order from left to right.
The Fat Banker pays 15 for three, 90 for four, and 360 for five of his character landing on the reels in paying positions.
The Letter K pays 5 for three, 30 for four, and 120 for five of this letter making an appearance on the reels.
The Number 10 pays 5 for three, 20 for four, and 90 for five of this number falling into paying places.
The Wild icon triggers bonus plays and it pays 30 for three, 300 for four, and 3,000 for five of these symbols landing on the screen.
The Free Spins icon pays 60 for three plus 10 spins, 300 for four plus 12 spins, and a whopping 3,000 for five icons plus 15 bonus spins.

The Gun

This bonus is activated when the gun appears in the center reel of the game. This triggers the “wild guns” game. The sheriff will appear and shoot at the reels. His shots will land on up to five of the characters, turning them into wild cards and a bonus re-spin will take place. Wild symbols can replace all characters with the exception of the gun and badge symbols. Each wild symbol lined up has a payout of 30 for three, 300 for four, and 3,000 for five wild symbols in a row.

Showdown Bonus Round

When the gun appears on the reels between the Bad Guy and the Sheriff on active pay lines one, two, and three, another bonus round will start. This bonus is a game of heads or tails of the flip of a coin. Choose the correct side for even more bonus cash winnings. Each time that this bonus round is won it brings the player closer to attaining the top prize. Each loss will cause a setback. The more symbols that land on the reels, the larger the payout. This bonus feature is only triggered for wins on lines one, two, and three or on lines four, five, and six. Match-ups on lines two, three, and four will trigger the Wild Guns bonus.

Free Spins

This bonus round is triggered when three or more of the Sheriff’s Badge icons land in the active pay lines of reels one, two, and three. Landing these icons triggers a scatter play in which the player can earn between 10 and 15 free spins dependant on the amount of badge icons lined up. Three icons earns 60 points and 10 free spins, four icons earns 300 points and 12 free spins, and for lining up five of these badge icons the player is awarded 3,000 points and 15 free spin chances for big payouts.

While partaking in the free spins mode, any Sheriff’s Badges that are landed will be added to that reels badge count. When all of the Free Spins are exhausted, the badges that had been collected will be calculated and an additional extra bonus prize will be awarded to the player.

Double Up Bonus

With the win of any combination, the player is offered the opportunity to double-up their winnings on that particular spin. When the double up selection is made, a separate bonus screen will open up for the player to view. This bonus game involves playing with a deck of cards. The player will be prompted to predict whether the next card in the succession of the deck is a black or red card. Predict correctly and collect double the winnings of that bonus round. Predict wrong and the player looses their winnings from that bonus round. This option of doubling up is not available for the winnings from the second screen Bonus Round, Free Spins Bonus, or the Wild Guns Bonus game.