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Over the past couple of years, online slot machines have become one of the world’s most popular casino games. Due to it’s simplicity and high chances of winning, players have become much more inclined to play slot machine games like the Slot Father online.

No matter who you are, there is a huge possibility that you have somewhat of a clue who the Godfather is. And from every television show and movie that portrays just how ruthless the Godfather can be, most people get the idea that messing with the Godfather could end in disaster. This is exactly what BestSoft portrays in their version of Mafia life. The SlotFather takes full advantage of the gangster traditions by imitating mafia type movies.

The funny thing about the SlotFather is the beginning. When players first load the game, they will be confronted by the SlotFather who offers them an irrefutable jackpot offer. The SlotFather claims that this offer is too good to refuse, and it will keep you coming back for more.

With advanced technology, simplified platforms, easy payment systems and high quality graphics, it’s no wonder why people are flocking to the ever so popular Slot Father.

If you know anything about the GodFather, then you might have a slight idea of what this slot machine is all about. The SlotFather is one of the most prime, popular 3D slots that was developed by BestSoft. The thing that makes this game so much more vibrant is the fact that it offers a plethora of bonus features that reward handsomely. Not only do players get to experience high rewards, they get to have fun while doing it.

When it comes to slot machines, it’s important that players have the ability to see potential winnings. This is exactly what the SlotFather offers. With it’s tons of different bonus features, players can appreciate not only the dialogue and the graphics, they will appreciate the slot action that it delivers.

This five reeled video slot machine lets players wager their bets on thirty pay lines. The thing that makes the SlotFather so much fun is the fact that the entire theme is based around crime and gangsters. It’s theme is solely built around the mafia world, which makes playing the SlotFAther even more fun. Players will get to watch and listen to some of the best dialogues making the SlotFather one of the funnest online slots to play.

The object of the SlotFather is to match all your symbols from left to right on one single payline. Many of the symbols you will have to match more than three symbols at a time to win.There are lower value symbols that are made up of different items that work into the mafia type theme. Some of those lower value symbols are maps of Italy, cigars, guns, and wine.

When it comes to higher value symbols, players can easily trigger a win even if they only hit two symbols. The higher value symbols consist of the SlotFather’s henchmen, getaway cars, and briefcases full of money. If players hit five of the “Frankie da Fixer,” they can easily earn 200 coins on that particular payline for EVERY SINGLE COIN they BET.
BetSoft focused much of their attention on making sure the mafia theme was portrayed in the perfect light. With the sound effects and music, it feels as if players are right in the mist of the underworld Italian mafia.

When it comes to graphics, the game itself is easy on the eyes, giving players a crisp, 3D effect that makes playing it a pleasure.

Bonus Features

A good slot machine means good bonus features. The SlotFather doesn’t slack when it comes to delivering quality bonus features. Even though the entire slot machine itself is a great pleasure to play based on graphics alone, the bonus features is what makes the game such a huge pleasure to play.

There are many bonus features that the SlotFather offer. This machine offers a number of different bonus features that can be triggered during any spin. Many of these wins can be triggered whenever a player makes a unique combination of symbols near one another.
The Sammy Quickfingers bonus feature is one of the features that could win players a handsome jackpot. If Sammy Quickfingers appear left or right of the briefcase symbol, then it will automatically prompt an instant win.

The Multiplier Mob Free Spin feature can earn players a nice bonus games. If Frankie da Fixer appears next to the Tommy Gun symbol, then Frankie will shoot the screen. Players will then be prompted to choose between bullet holes. Depending on which bullet hole one chooses, players could win up to 10 free spins. Another great thing about these free spins is that they will come with a multiplier between 1x and 3x which could make winnings substantial in the end.

Of course there would be no SlotFather without the SlotFather symbol. One of the most interactive bonus features is the three SlotFather Symbols. Players who get three SlotFathers in the same payline will trigger a bonus game on the screen. Players will be given three different business options located in the City. Players will have the opportunity to place SlotFather machines anywhere in those businesses, and each one will earn them money. The fun thing about this entire bonus feature is that every slot machine makes a player money, and all money will be added to their total bonus.

Everything about the SlotFather is mafia themed. From the ability to sit down with the SlotFather and talk about the success one has had while playing the slots, to the overall bonus features and expansion of the slot.

The SlotFather is more than just impressive. It is interactive and it combines all of it’s features with an entertaining and very rich experience for all players.