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Creative and Clever The Glam Life Slot Machine Provides Hours of Enjoyment

The Glam Life is a five reel slot machine that allows players to bet on up to twenty-five different paylines. The game is themed to allow players a glimpse of what life is like for the rich and famous people that are lucky enough to be able to live a glamorous life of luxury.

Because of the theme, the symbols are designed to convey feelings of opulence. Mansions, credit cards, champagne, limos, and expensive watches are just a few of the symbols players will see scrolling across the screen. The typical matching symbols method know well to slot players is in full effect in The Glam Life, and players win even when the back end of the line matches instead of just the front of the line.

The symbols spring to life with vivid animation on every win, and are enhanced by some clever sound effects. The game does inspire feelings of being wealthy thanks to the shiny design of the symbols and the clever background soundtrack. However, like many slot machines The Glam Life features a number of bonus games and bonus symbols to keep players involved in the game.

One of the bonus games revolves around one of every slot player’s dream of free spins. The private jet icon is used to award free spins. A minimum of three of the symbols are need to win. Three private jets earns the player two free spins, four of them earns a player three spins, and four free spins are earned for getting five private jet symbols. The catch is that the bonus spin icons are not a scatter feature, which means lucky players must land all the symbols on one of the active paylines to receive the bonus.

The Glam Life necklace box symbols are another bonus game trigger. Once players land three or more of the icons on the same payline, a pick me game begins right on the reels. The player then selects one of the icons to receive the winning amount of credits. Since up to five of the reels can be in play for this bonus game, players must use every ounce of luck for the maximum payout.

Lucky players that manage to land at least three mansion icons on a single active payline will trigger the “Travel Around the World Bonus.” This is a second screen bonus game that fades away the five reel play area and brings up a map. Players are then prompted to pick a destination. Each destination reveals a different amount of credits waiting to be won, and the value changes in relation to the per line bet and the number of symbols that were present when the bonus game was triggered. Once players have completed the picks, the basic slot machine game reappears for more slot action.

The final bonus game available is the match bonus game, which is activated when an active payline lands three or more perfume bottle icons. In the match game, red curtains fall over the entire play area and ring boxes appear. The game consists of the player picking different ring boxes to reveal different colors of gem stones. When three matching colors have been uncovered, the prize is awarded and the regular slot machine game continues.

While not technically a bonus game, the yacht symbol does perform double duty as a regular payout win for two or more in a row and the symbol pays off in a major way for five in a row. Players that match five yacht symbols on the same payline are awarded the progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the play area. The progressive hit is the largest jackpot in the game, and lucky players will usually be treated to a hit measured in the thousands or more.

The Glam Life uses quite a bit of the screen as the play area, and for this reason, the vital play information is easy to see and understand. The symbols are different enough that there is no immediate confusion on what is a win and what is not, which is extremely important. The game offers up a number of bonus features that are different enough from each other to keep the play interesting by adding a certain amount of depth. All things considered, the slot machine plays well and can hold the attention of players of every experience level for a long time.

The autoplay feature allows players to get away for up to one hundred spins. Also, the player can determine the number of lines, the bet per line, and the dollar amount of every bet before setting the automatic feature. This level of control is a great addition, and allows players to take a break without missing out on any action. In addition, the game pauses at pick me or match bonuses, so some random checking for hits is probably in order.

The Glam Life offers players a nice theme blended with some creative symbols. The visuals, sound effects, and music keep the attention of the player focused on the machine without becoming boring or repetitive. The use of subtle animations keeps the reels moving without stalling the play of the slot, and the backend match component is a great way to prevent frustration of the player. Like any new game, this one can take some getting used to, but in the end, The Glam Life is as entertaining a slot machine as anyone can find.