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Join in this wacky game of wits as exterminator Alvin sets out to hunt a wily racoon. Having defeated ferocious bears, mangy squirrels and other wild critters, this exterminator is more than convinced that he can handle a racoon with no problem. But he soon finds out, this is no ordinary racoon.

The object of this game is to assist the exterminator in the capture of this unruly creature that is wreaking havoc on one couple’s dream cottage in the woods. Set in the 3D world of animation, this 5 reel, 30 bet pay line Betsoft slot game promises loads of fun with colorful, fun graphics, a prankster racoon always lurking around the next corner, adventurous expanding wilds, the soothing sounds of the outdoors and a playful, cartoonish melody that reminds you not to take life so seriously.

Players have the option of playing The Exterminator in either slot or arcade mode. Bets range from 0.02 to 150.00 (in various denominations) with a top standard payoff of 150.00 coins. There are 8 basic icons featuring exterminator themed items such as trash cans, racoons, jungle beast, welcome mats, traps, places in desperate need of extermination and Alvin Goodman, the exterminator himself. When 3 or more symbols are lined up from left to right on an active pay line, you win! The more symbols you match, the better! Once you have placed your wager, simply click the “spin” button to begin.

Bonus Features

With all its bells and whistles, this slot game is not without numerous bonuses and rewards to accompany the fun. These bonuses include sticky wins, multiplier free spins, double up bonus, catch the racoon bonus and wild reel.

Sticky Wins

To win big with this bonus, simply spin the reel. If the reels land on a winning combination, each winning symbol will remain in place, and the reels will spin again. If the next spin accumulates more winning symbols, those symbols will also “stick” in place, and the reel will spin again, giving you more opportunities to win.

The reels will continue to spin, racking up more winning symbols until the reel fails to land on the winning symbol or you have racked up all 15 winning symbols on the reel, at which time you will be rewarded a payout for all “sticky” symbols. Sticky wins also apply to free spins and the bonus round. Get three or more of the blueprint or footprint symbols to activate the sticky win feature.

Multiplier Free Spins

Players need just 5 or more footprint (free spins) symbols anywhere on the reels to activate the free spins feature. On each spin, a multiplier between 1-5 will be selected. Each time the player wins, the win will be multiplied by that amount. Each free spin receives its own multiplier.

Double Up Bonus/Gamble Feature

After the player lands a winning spin, not including the bonus round or free spins, simply click the Double Up button feature to qualify for the Double Up bonus. Once the player activates the feature, they will be prompted to select whether the next playing card the exterminator selects will be a black suit or red suit. Guess correctly, and your winnings from the spin will double. But beware: guess incorrectly, and all is lost! Continue to play until you decide to collect. Players can also cancel at any time before failing to guess the correct color of the next suit.

Wild Reel

When the truck symbol appears anywhere on the reel, the wild reel appears. If you spin an exterminator truck symbol during a sticky win, the wild will stick with other winning symbols and expand once all the other wins are finished.

Catch The Racoon Bonus Round

If a player gets 5 or more blueprint bonus round symbols anywhere on the reels, the bonus round will be triggered. Once the bonus round has been activated, the object is to select where you think the racoon might be hiding. You will get a sneak peak into the side of the cabin along with the exterminator. You will then have a choice between various places the racoon might be hiding. Guess correctly to instantly rack up the credits.

Top Payouts

As with most online 3D slot games, you’ll need to land the game’s main characters to win big.

Alan the Exterminator

The highest paying symbol is the exterminator, which rewards players 2500 coins for 5, 1,000 for 4 and 500 for 3.

The Rascally Racoon

The racoon is the second highest paying symbol. Match racoon symbols to win big!

Free Game Trial

The Exterminator can be played online for free. Try your luck at the free trial demo to experience the story of the funny exterminator who’s pride is to rid his town of unruly critters and insects that threaten to disturb the citizens, as the unruly racoon does everything he can to thwart the exterminator’s efforts. Afterwards, spin for a shot at the Catch The Racoon Bonus Round, where you’ll have the opportunity to help the exterminator capture this unruly character.

The Exterminator slot game is compatible with Windows, Mac laptop and Linux operating systems. It is not currently available on mobile.