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There are many bonus features of Sugar Pop! Most are only available through leveling up so players should try to level up as high as they can before leaving the game.

Players earn the Bonus Pattern by matching candies in the exact pattern found in the circle to the left of the slot reels. A player achieves this over the course of multiple spins, opening spots as they match candies in those spaces. These will carry over into the next level until you earn it. Achieving this bonus earns the player 600 extra points, but not credits, in the level up meter. This helps the player level up faster which provides them with better chances for more profitable bonuses. Once the pattern has been matched the player is notified via a pop-up, points are awarded and the pattern resets to achieve a new pattern. It’s a goal to strive for since it can catapult you towards greater bonuses in higher levels.

Matching 4 of the same candies creates a Super Color bonus candy in the same color as the previously matched candies. If this bonus candy is then matched by cascading candy before the subsequent spin it earns a multiplier in the amount shown. It’s an easy way to earn extra points but not very likely to happen.

Matching 5 of the same candies produces a Color Bomb bonus candy in the same color. This bonus appears when the 5 matching candies explode and if matched with candy of the same color before the next spin, it explodes all of the candies of that color across all of the reels. Following this, candy will shower down from the top creating extra chances to win. This isn’t a very handy bonus since after already exploding 6 or more candies to earn it there aren’t typically very many left on the reels but can result in more wins.

Getting a Lollipop bonus candy on a spin will give the player a second chance to win by hypnotically swirling the candies around the board. It’s a really fun effect to watch and is accompanied by it’s own sound effect. This bonus can have winning results and seems to happen often.

Once a player has reached Level 2 of Cotton Candy Forest they have a chance at earning the Caramel Chew bonus. When this is triggered a caramel candy spins around on a random path accompanied by a whirling noise and destroying the candy in it’s way until it leaves the board. It may only destroy a single candy or many. Once the candy disappears the remaining candy falls down filling in the spaces and providing yet another chance at a winning candy combo.

Once a player reaches Level 4 they have a chance at earning the White Chocolate bonus. This candy not only earns random amounts of bonus points and credit it also shoots almonds across the reels along with side effect noises. These almonds then explode individual surrounding candies. Once the candies explode, the remaining candy fall creating a bonus chance at a matching combination.

Reaching Level 6 you travel into the second world of Lolipop Hills. This releases the Gumdrop bonus. This bonus candy provides random bonus points and credits and then will absorb a random number of surrounding candies until it explodes. This creates empty spaces for falling candy to fill, providing another chance at winning.

The Jawbreaker bonus unlocks at Level 8. Get this item on a spin and it jumps off the reels and smashes random groups of candies, giving the player another chance to win. Much more fun to watch than it would be on teeth.

Once a player gets to Level 10, they unlock the Candy Cane bonus. This bonus bounces around and destroys all the candy in the same row and column in a fun and entertaining way. As far as bonuses go this one seems to bring the best chances at getting bonus candy combinations because instead of destroying individual candies it destroys entire rows.

Reaching Level 12 unlocks the Jelly Beans bonus. Like a tiny candy cannon filled with piñatas, up to 5 jelly beans will shoot off the reel landing on targets and exploding with confetti. This is by far the most entertaining of the bonuses, second only to the lollipop bonus.

Once a player reaches Level 15, they unlock the Chocolate bonus. Unlike the white chocolate bonus, the chocolate bonus expands to the surrounding candies and then melts to the sound of someone chomping it and revealing space for candies to fall into, giving the player a second chance to win. It is also accompanied by a very high point bonus of hundreds of credits. Chocolate is a very lucky bonus to get.

Players reaching Level 20 unlock a Cotton Candy bonus. The cotton candy cyclone sweeps across the slots sucking up candy randomly and mercilessly across the board helping to create more winning combinations. It also earns the player a high credit bonus.

Outstanding players reaching Level 21 and higher unlock the Peanut Butter Cup bonus candy! This candy shoots peanut butter onto random candies turning them the same color and then switches the current candy positions around thus providing another chance at winning.