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This Angel slot is based on the Hell’s angel. It gives the illusion of a person being an outlaw and the thrill of riding with this gang. It shows you what it would be like to drive around on a Harley and how they have a brother hood.
It gives the illusion of your being part of the real life motorcycle group “Hells Angels. Also how they may look, the Harleys, the Long beards, the long hair. How they live, the way they frequent the bars and drink their beer.
Playing this slot gives you the impression of how it is to be in the Hells angels. It also makes the different bonus games more real.
There are five different bonus games in this slot game. This keeps it interesting. However it is not easy to get all of the bonuses. The progressive bonus is very difficult to get. It has eluded this author for the past 12 hours.
This is a slot game based on the hells angels. They are a good group to base it on due to their great love of music and they are colorful people.
There are a total of five bonuses in this game. . However, I have not been able to access all five of them. The one that still eludes me after eleven hours is the progressive.
The first bonus is the Party bonus. To get this one what is needed is three bottles anywhere on the reels. With this bonus the wheels spin and the middle wheel has a wild which is two times the amounts that your middle reel matches. Three matches are needed always. This bonus is a free spin mode bonus .Even the bikers sit on the screen while the reels turn and they cheer you on. Every time you get a match they cheer. The amount of spins is usually 3.

.. The Darts Click Me bonus is another bonus and one where three dartboards are positioned on the reels anywhere to start this bonus. The three Dartboards have the words Click Me on them. They line up on the screen and you need to pick a dart board. After you pick one of the dartboards, four darts are thrown at the board. Then depending on where the darts land, points are awarded.
The dartboards. playing the maximum amount gets you more points.
Another one of the bonuses is the reel respin bonus. This one is easy to get. Every time you get three matches on reel one, two, and three, there is a respin. . This bonus is achieved when a winning combination is on the wheels. Three pictures together on a winning line gets the respin bonus. It gives you more points every time the middle wheel matches the other two pictures. Every time the wheels respin and match, the multiplier increases from 1x,2,x3, up to 5x. Each time, when 5x is reached, you continue to gain more points every time you continue to have matches.
Then there is a Biker race bonus. To get this bonus you need to get three pictures of the old biker to begin. When the next screen comes up you pick one of the bikers that you believe will win the race. The choices are the old biker, the big surly biker, and a real skinny biker. All three of them ride in the race and even though one was picked, points continue to mount every time your biker comes forward. During the race. When at the end of the race even if your biker doesn’t win, points are won.
The next bonus is the progressive. In this bonus five of the big, surly biker needs to be gotten on line one. And to have the greatest amount of points the maximum bet needs to be in place. This needs to be gotten on a first spin.
The progressive cannot be obtained when you have a middle respin. This does not get you a progressive if they just happen during respins. When you get three and this large biker is part of the three
This game keeps you interested because you want to see what is going to come the next time the reels spin. Some of the bonuses are easy to get, others are not. The progressive is a very difficult bonus to get. It eluded this author for the thirteen hours this author played. it.
If this bonus were easy then the progressive would not be such a power play bonus. And everyone would not want to get this progressive bonus.
The overall way these bonuses are dispersed throughout the playing of this slot machine is very enticing. It makes you come back and want to see how many more bonuses you are able to get.
Although it is not described as a bonus, I liked when I was able to click on double my points. The way the heavy biker sat on a chair, he looked like he would be the one to win. But clicking on tails, which happened to come up. The biker was so angry he even banged on the table. It is so lifelike and it even had the angry face when the player won.