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All of the featured symbols and art of Royal Reels is inspired by the allure of a standard deck of cards. No other gaming objects invoke such positive and familiar winning faces as 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces.

The online game has thirty distinct winner’s lines to line up card symbols 3, 4, and 5 at a time. Along with these five familiar symbols, two fruit symbols are thrown-in to increase the chances of lining similar symbols throughout the five reels. The two fruit symbols are grape bunches and cherry bunches. In many other games, fruit bunches are bonus indicators. In the Royal Reels, they are added casino favorites to increase a players opportunities for making a 3, 4, or 5 match.

As if these seven traditional symbols weren’t enough to set any player on a course for winning a jackpot, other bonus symbols are included in the spinning five reels. One is a wild symbol, and the other two launch the player into bonus rounds that have the potential for huge winnings including a major jackpot.

Diamonds Are Wild For All Symbols Except Bonus Symbols

Along the thirty payout lines, 3 or more matching symbols will result in a winning amount. Like most other casino games with similar setups, the winnings are multiplied according to how many credits per line are wagered. The large diamond symbol will act as another symbol to form 3, 4, and five-of-a-kind matches on any designated payout line. While most payouts occur when the prevalent symbols starts on the left-most reel, it is possible that diamonds everywhere will complete matches even when dispersed on any line.

The large white diamond symbol is extremely beneficial for matching non-bonus symbols across reels. It will bolster all matches except those that complete bonus symbol matches.

Three Gems Are One Route To Huge Bonus Winnings

The first bonus symbol to pay attention to in Royal Reels, is the triple gemstone. A cluster of blue, white and green gems can mean the difference between having enough credits for a max bet, and continuing basic play.

Whenever the three gem symbol aligns with a highlighted chosen payout line, it will trigger an immediate bonus choice. The three gem symbols must begin on the leftmost reel, or fall on reels 2, 3, and 4 along the path of any of the 30 payout lines. After all other regular winnings are tallied and posted, the Royal Reels game will allow the player to select one of three highlighted gem clusters on the board.

According to most players, it seems that the gemstone bonus is the lesser of the two major bonuses on Royal Reels, but the amounts won can be extraordinary. Every gemstone cluster bonus selection will generally yield between 150 and 900 credits. These are attached to the symbol payout for the rounds in which the gems are aligned.

The Crowns Are An Exceptional Opportunity To Turn The Game Around

The crown symbol is, statistically, the richer bonus in the Royal Reels game. Whenever three crowns are aligned on a highlighted pay line, a mystery choice bonus round commences. Keep in mind that the bonus crown symbols must either start on the leftmost reel, or be on reels 2, 3, and 4 along one of the thirty possible payout lines.

If three crown symbols are matched, the game will pause and launch into a bonus round screen. Five crowns will be presented to the player. The player has the opportunity to choose one crown and reveal an extremely valuable prize. Veteran players of Royal Reels will claim that the crown symbol most often produces huge bonus prizes. Bonus crown prizes often range between 150 and 3000 credits.

A Few Royal Reels Bonus Symbol Reminders

Keep in mind that diamond symbols will not initiate bonus rounds. Three crown, or gem cluster symbols on highlighted payout lines, are the only way to earn a bonus choice. Especially in rounds where maximum line bets and credit amounts are played, the crown and gem bonus features serve to continue play no matter how the player’s is performing. The bonus rounds award free credits, not dollar amounts. This means a bonus amount is consistent whether the player is using nickles, dimes, dollars, or two cents at a time. The bonus round exponentially increase credits and extend play far beyond normal line wins.

One of the best features of Royal Reels is the background music. It is an orchestral fanfare with each spin. Savvy players will notice that the music changes slightly when the possibility of a bonus round becomes evident. Five reel games are sometimes confusing to play. If the player keeps in-mind that the bonus symbols are the key to exceptional jackpots, the music will play a key role in the game. If a bonus diamond, triple gem, or crown symbol stops on the first reel, the background music will intensify and signal a chance at either a huge line win, or a bonus round triggered by the right symbols. It is important to pay attention to every detail of Royal Reels while playing for the maximum bonuses possible.