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Bonus Features in Rooks Revenge Slots


Enter the mysterious panorama of ancient Mexico, an exotic land populated by towering Aztec monuments and distant forested mountain crests. Rooks Revenge Slots employs colorful imagery to draw viewers into this intriguing setting and provide them with hours of fun. Possessing many attributes associated with popular computer games, especially in terms of the nonstop, fast-paced action on screen, this slots uses a traditional gaming genre to inspire a loyal following of players. With a mysterious motif that might remind some people of Raiders of the Lost Ark adventures, Rooks Revenge Slots rewards dedicated game fans with a few special secrets of its own!

Well, what interesting bonus features does this game present? Let’s go through them one at a time to highlight specific benefits.

Searching For Points

Game players expecting the customary whirl of spinning slot reels will find their first introduction to Rooks Revenge Slot game a bit surprising. Although this video game presents easy to follow rules, it does not hesitate to introduce novel, innovative symbols. In fact, the vivid graphics on the screen support the overall theme. In order to take full advantage of this situation, newcomers will want to study the display closely.

The game makers substitute fifteen panels for five traditional reels. Instead of expecting the players to manually pull a lever in order to produce motion, they offer a series of well-marked virtual buttons along the bottom of the screen (designed in the image of ancient rocks, of course) to allow game users to place bets and win points. Symbols employed in Rook’s Revenge all repeat the general motif of ancient Aztec imagery. And Rook, a 3-D cartoon character wearing a brightly colored feather headdress, functions as a mascot in the corner, observing the game and moving whenever a lucky strike occurs.

When the game starts, a variety of symbols drawn on slabs of stone descend across the 15 panels in the center of the screen. These inscribed slabs can form 31 different winning combinations. Whenever the symbols line up correctly on a pay line, the number of points flashes briefly across the rocks and then the images dissolve in loud, animated blasts, only to be replaced by fresh rocky avalanches noisily tumbling downwards from above. This moving display keeps many players riveted to the screen.

The Basic Escalator Function

One feature lending ongoing excitement to Rooks Revenge Slots involves a scale appearing along the bottom of the screen. As a round progresses, every win generates an increasing bonus of one, two, three or up to five times the bet placed. Players return to the one time level amount when another round commences and the cycle repeats. This aspect of play means that obtaining winning symbol combinations proves considerably more rewarding at the end of a round than in the beginning stages.

A Very Useful Symbol: The Wild Question Mark

One distinctive symbol which assists players is an unusual question mark composed of golden rings, framed by a circle. This image only occurs in the second, third and fourth reels, but it functions as a wild sign that substitutes for any other symbol in the game to provide a winning combination when it appears on a winning pay line in the correct place. Its appearance in the jumble of cascading blocks offers a welcome tool to game players.

Another Helpful Symbol: The Golden Mask Bonus

Most of the symbols used in Rooks Revenge involve masks, seen head on or in profile. But players will want to focus on one of these images in particular. A golden mask symbol (not to be confused with another yellow colored image with a green mouth that often appears in the cascade) can offer the key to bonus rounds when it occurs in the right location and combination.

The golden mask bonus usually allows players to participate in ten bonus rounds. A new, second, slightly different screen opens in the center of game play when this occurs. During these bonus round, players can win even more points by triggering yet additional bonus games.

The Bonus Round Escalator Scale

As might be expected, the bonus round also holds an interesting new discovery for lucky players. On this screen, escalation of winning bet amounts occurs as well, but on an entirely upgraded scale. This situation means that bonus rounds can offer players the opportunity to win up to 15 times the amount of the bet.

Since bonus rounds in Rooks Revenge Slots also potentially offer players an opportunity to win additional bonus rounds, the number of bonus games essentially depends on good luck in the appearance of the right number and placement of golden mask symbols. Game players obtain a good idea of how well or poorly they fare in any given round of play by simply glancing at the animated Rook figure on the periphery of the screen. He sometimes moves across the bottom when players enjoy a winning streak.

A Very Hot Combination of Symbols

Finally, another popular feature of Rooks Revenge Slots deserves special mention. A bright red block mask with an open, somewhat rectangular mouth appears among the game symbols. During bonus rounds, in some versions of the game these colorful rocks falling in succession in the right combination four times in a row can produce a jackpot, when the game occurs in a Free Spin mode.