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Feel Like a Rock Star while Winning

Casino games are taking a turn for the better as developers continue to make online and video slot games. Although online gaming has been around for a while, online slot games have expanded beyond the traditional setup to include themes to interact with their users more. If online gamblers were tired of the traditional look and feel of the online casinos and slot games, more options than ever before are available so anyone can find a virtual slot machine that suits them.

One such example of a themed online slot game is RockStar Slots. RockStar Slots combines the looks of Rockband and online slots to satisfy gamblers who are ready to rock. It has several features that make it stand out from other online slot games.

One of the features is that it is free to play. Players do not have to make any initial payments to start the game. Most websites that offer this game also do not require the player to sign in or create an account in order to play. With five reels and 30 paylines, RockStar Slots gives the players many options of game play. The game can be played for in-game currency and credits or it can be played at certain online casinos for real money. Either way, players can create an electrifying experience and become virtual rock stars.

Another feature is the rock music theme itself. Players are more than just gamblers in RockStar Slots: they are rock musicians in charge of their own band that is on its way to fame. The theme is also prevalent in the guitar riffs, electric guitar music, classic rock symbols such as amplifiers and records and the bonus rounds that allow the player to take control of a guitar. The images that show up after a player spins are also remniscent of the old time rock and roll days: VIP tickets, whiskey bottles, Rolling Stone magazine, and records all add to the rock vibe. The game’s introduction also features the five band members preparing for their concert, so players actually get a feel for the game’s atmosphere before playing.

RockStar Slots is a simplistic game that requires no prior knowledge of the workings of a casino or online gambling. Simply choose a betting option, the number of paylines to be bet on, the amount of coins to bet per line, the coin denomination and the betting style and press the spin button. Those simple steps take players into the world of fame, fortune and rock and roll. For an even quicker way to play, simply select the ‘max bet spin’ option to play all lines at the selected coin value.

RockStar Slots also differs from other games in that it has bonus rounds to match the rock music theme. For example, hitting three rock guitar symbols in one pay line will activate ‘The Epic Solo’ mode. The Epic Solo brings up a guitar for the player to play on. The outcome of The Epic Solo is instant bonus credits so players can continue betting.

The multipliers are another bonus feature of RockStar Slots. Hitting a gold record symbol doubles the winnings. Hitting a platinum record symbol quintuples the winnings. Hitting both records on the same payline multiplies the winnings by 10. These multipliers are part of a feature called Multiplier Mania.

Last, but not least, obtaining three VIP ticket symbols on a winning payline takes the player into the bonus round that ultimately defines the game: Are You Ready to Rock? The ‘Are You Ready to Rock?’ bonus round brings up the guitar for the player like Epic Solo mode does, but so much more can be done in this bonus round than in Epic Solo. If players are familiar with Guitar Hero, they will ace this bonus round. As the notes appear on the screen, the player has to press them in the correct sequence in order to obtain the coins. When a player correctly plays all or most of the notes, he or she hits the big win and will be rewarded with money as well as the band playing an encore of the notes the player just played. As the encore plays the winnings are added to the total for a truly captivating effect. Players will really feel like rock stars after this performance and encore.

RockStar Slots has everything a gambler and a rock fan could ever want. The 3-D animation, the sounds, the symbols and the bonus rounds all contribute to rock and roll gambling experience designed with the player in mind. The game is easy and free to play unless a player wants to bet with real money. Traditional online slot games limit the player’s options and do not have decent animation or sound effects to make up for it. RockStar Slots, however, is part of the next generation of online gambling that makes its users feel like they are doing more than just gambling. Betsoft 3-D Games really outdid themselves with RockStar Slots. There is no need to set foot in a casino or sign up for a sub-par gambling experience: RockStar Slots will give its best to make players feel like rock stars.