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This game is filled with cute images and icons related to one of the cutest animals in existence: puppies! In this game, a pug puppy, a dog bowl, a dog house, and other cute images can be seen. Not only is this game adorable and aesthetically enjoyable, it has multiple features to change one’s playing experience and make it easier or more difficult.

One feature that can be manipulated is the amount of paylines there are. The more paylines one allows, the more likely one is to actually win tokens in this game. One click of the minus or plus sign will change the number of paylines there are. The maximum number is twenty, while the minimum number of paylines is one. To view what the paylines actually look like and how they travel, one can take the mouse and hover over each payline number along the side of the game. The number of paylines greatly affects how many credits the player will earn from each spin. It’s more difficult to earn credit with only one payline, whereas the chances of winning are much higher with twenty different paylines.

The number of paylines is not the only thing that can be manipulated in this game. One can also change the maximum bet for each spin. However, the bet is calculated by each payline. The maximum bet can be five for each payline, making the true maximum bet one hundred. One example is if the bet is two per line and you allow twenty paylines, the bet will actually be forty.

There are two different types of spins to the game. One spin is the normal spin which does the actual bet that the player has chosen for themselves. It is shown as a blue button with a dog bone over a red circle on it. The other button is to the right of this button and it is the maximum bet spin button. The maximum bet spin button automatically makes the payline and bet amount at the maximum number, then spins.

The player can also change the amount that the coins are worth. The coins can be worth either ten cents, twenty-five cents, fifty cents, or a dollar. The player should keep in mind the amount that the coins are worth as to keep in mind how much is actually being betted.

To view what each icon is worth, there is a pays button in the top right corner of the screen. This buttons defines each icon with a number value based on how many of the specific icon is in a certain payline. For example, if there are four doghouse icons in the player’s payline, then the payout for that payline would be four hundred credits.

There are other icons that mean different things in the game. The puppy love collar is a wild icon which can stand for any of the other icons except for the dog bowl and the sign. The puppy love dog bowl is a free spins scatter icon which will allow for ten free spins by the player if there are three found in rows three, four, or five. The puppies for sale sign will earn the player bonus spins if two of the signs are found in one payline.

There is also an options button to manipulate different aspects of the game. The player can turn the game audio on or off. The player can enable or disable turbo play, which causes the game to go much faster and the spin to spin time to shorten so that the player can play the game at a much faster rate. The player can disable expandicon. Disabling expandicon will cause the winning animations to not play. Expandicon is automatically disable when the player enables turbo play. The player can also choose to skip the splash screen. The splash screen is the screen that is shown at the beginning, before the game actually starts. The last option is the quality option. The player can choose whether to play the game in high, medium, or low quality. The quality option is there so someone can run the game on a lower quality computer and it work better. However, the lower quality may change the graphics to look poorer.

The resolution and quality of the images in this game are amazing. The game is both 3-D and high definition. What more could anyone ask for as far as visuals go in a game? The colors are bright and bold. The images pop out of the screen at the viewer and can catch the attention of anyone.

This game is perfect for someone who enjoys looking at cute puppies and gambling at the same time. This game is a way to gamble without actually losing or gaining any money so it is still fun with none of the financial stress. This game is one of many great casino games offered on this website. These games are free and online. If one doesn’t want to play the game online then they can download the game to play later at their own convenience.