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Once Upon A Time Slot: The Dragons Aren’t Real, but the Winnings Are

As more and more gamblers are becoming attracted to online casinos and slot games, the companies that are producing these games have had to make revolutionary changes to their interfaces in order to attract new customers. Traditional online slot games had basic user interfaces that were akin to the slot machines in actual casinos: the graphics were simple, the gameplay was straightforward and the music was repetitive and irritating. Online gaming companies such as Betsoft had to change this by creating games that were more interactive and gave the players choices. One of the games created to fit these criteria was Once Upon A Time Slot.

One of the features of Once Upon A Time is the theme. Instead of the traditional golden slot machine on a green background with simple electronic tones that sound when money is earned, this game has a fantasy theme with princes, damsels in distress, sneaky goblins and a dangerous dragon. Players do not simply play a gambler in this game: instead, they play a brave knight on a mission to defeat the evil dragon that is holding the beautiful princess captive. Symbols such as a royal feast, a suit of armor and a sword in a stone contribute even more to the fairy tale theme, as does the background music.

Once Upon A Time is just as straightforward as traditional online slot machines while being more interactive and interesting at the same time. To play, players must complete the following four steps:

  • Firstly, the number of lines to play must be selected. Once Upon A Time features 30 paylines. Players can bet on as many lines as they wish.
  • Secondly, players must choose how much they want to bet per line. On most free casino websites an in-game currency is used to place bets. In this game, a number of coins must be entered as a bet. However, there are online casinos that allow real money to be used.
  • Next, the player can select the values of the coins they wagered. Values range from 10 cents to 50 cents, or from one to five.
  • Lastly, the player must press the ‘Spin’ button.

The game requires no previous knowledge or gambling experience, making it more accessible to the average person.

Another feature of the game is the betting options. Players can choose to bet between two cents and one dollar per pay line or to click on the Max Bet Spin button, which sets the highest bid possible across all 30 lines. Either way, players have high chances of winning large amounts of coins and credits.

Some of the most unique features of Once Upon A Time lie in the bonus rounds. One of the bonus rounds is called ‘She Loved the Knight’ and occurs when the knight and the princess appear next to each other on the first, second or third reel. This results in bonus credits to further gameplay.

The Fire Starter is another bonus feature that is activated when three dragon symbols appear in the first position on the third reel. When this happens the reel continues spinning into the next spin. If the treasure symbol is hit while this reel is spinning, the reel will hold for another spin to yield even more winnings for the lucky player.

Another bonus feature of Once Upon A Time is The Goblin’s Treasure, which is triggered by three goblins appearing on the same payline. The interactive part of this game comes into play when this happens as the players follow the goblins into the castle. Once inside the castle the player must select three precious treasures for the goblins to steal. The player is then rewarded anywhere from 100 to 2,000 coins for their assistance.

The most interactive of the bonus rounds is called Save the Princess. It is triggered by three or more knight symbols appearing on the screen. Once this happens the player acts as one of the knights on a mission to rescue the princess. Players receive coins as they go. A maximum of 2,000 coins is the reward for rescuing the princess and keeping her safe from the evil dangerous dragon.

A smaller bonus feature is the Click Me feature, which is activated by having three sacks of gold appear on any of the reels. The prize for this happening is instant game credits.

Another smaller bonus feature is Those Crazy Goblins. It is triggered by at least three treehouses appearing on a single payline. The rewards for activating this feature are free spins.

With its 30 pay lines and five reels, Once Upon A Time offers both rookie and experienced gamblers a chance at obtaining large rewards. If players do not get lucky enough to win the big jackpot during normal gameplay, they certainly have many opportunities to make up for it in the six bonus rounds and features. Gamblers who do not find the traditional look of virtual slot machine games appealing will enjoy the graphics, music and overall theme of Once Upon A Time the most, because instead of being a regular gambler, players of this game get to be the hero of the story.