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Ned and His Friends is a 3-D online video slot machine powered by Betsoft. This intriguing 3D game offers engaging, high quality graphics along with an impressive five reel, 30 payline slot with an array of unique bonuses. There are options to play for free to get the feel of the game as well as to play for real money. You will find that not only are the graphics extraordinary the creator of this game developed an extremely sophisticated soundtrack as well. If there were one word to describe Ned and his friends it would be innovative. There may actually be times that you are so involved in the graphics and music that you will be following along with the story line rather than watching your paylines!

About the Theme

Ned and his friends is set in what appears to be a cozy and comfortable living room that Ned shares with a friendly gang of musically inclined rats. Ned is usually found reclining in an old easy chair with a mug of coffee by his side and an empty plate that probably once held a tasty snack. The reels line the main wall of Ned’s home much like an over-sized big-screen television. If you take too long placing your bets Ned is quick to scold you exclaiming “what’s taking you so long?” and “how do we get this darn thing working?” If you hit a win, you will be rewarded with a victory dance from Ned but don’t get too excited because he will be quick to start the scolding once again if you don’t place another bet.

About the Wagers

While you might be tempted to listen to the fun music and watch Ned clicked his remote and berate you for being slow, you have probably come to play Ned and his friends for the chance to actually win some money. Before you begin spinning the reels you will first need to set your bet amount. You can bet between one and five coins on each pay line which equates to a betting range of one cent up to $.50 and although this really isn’t much money when you factor in bonuses, free spins and other winning combinations it can add up to quite a nice amount. Once you pick your bet, you can then choose between “spin” and “max bet”. “Spin” will allow you to spin the reels one at a time while max bet will let you play the maximum bet all at once.

How to Win

The symbols that you’ll be looking for while playing this Betsoft powered 3-D slot are: Ned, five different rats, Ned’s girlfriend, an image of singing rats, an image of a door, and the image of a rat’s tail disappearing into a hole in the wall. You can find out winning combinations are by clicking “view pays” which is located in the upper right corner of the slot machine game. All the lines are multiplied by your line bet and payouts from left to right on the reel as is typical in video slots. Some of the best combinations you’ll be looking for include five images of Ned which pays out 500 coins, five images of the white rat pays out 300 coins, five images of the rat with Swiss cheese pays out 200 coins, and five images of the door pays 50 coins. Keep in mind these payouts are based on betting one coin so if you bet the maximum of five coins you would multiply these winnings by five. Therefore if you hit five images of Ned betting the maximum amount you would receive 2,500 coins.

Singing Rats Bring Free Spins

When you get three or more images of singing rats in any position on any of the 30 reels this will trigger the singing rats free spin bonus. Your free spins will automatically engage wild you are listening to an entertaining song and dance performed by the rats. At any time during the free spin bonus that you get three more images of the singing rats your free spins will continue to accumulate. You don’t need to do anything, just sit back and enjoy the song and dance and hopefully your free spins will continue to go up and up.

Rat Tail “Click Me” Bonus

The next bonus you should be aware of while playing Ned and His Friends 3-D slot machine is the rat tail “click me” bonus. Also based on the concept of the scatter when you get three or more images of the rat tail disappearing through the hole in the wall quickly click on one of the images to be rewarded with a random prize. Be quick though the symbols don’t hang around for long and you only need to click one of them to get your reward.

Ned’s Girlfriend Bonus

Whenever Ned’s girlfriend shows up three or more times you’re in store for a real treat. Apparently she really doesn’t care for the talented mice that share Ned’s home in fact, when she comes into contact with them she faints! To atone for their contribution to this predicament the mice rally around Ned’s girlfriend and begin to sing her a song this is your signal to begin collecting prizes. Collect as many as you can because as soon as she wakes the bonus round is over.


Ned and His Friends is a truly unique gaming experience by Betsoft. If you are an online slots enthusiast, this 3-D offering will have you smiling and tapping your foot while you enjoy the entertaining and eye-catching graphics and music.