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Mr. Vegas Slot Machine Provides Great Bonus Games & Top Notch Entertainment

Mr. Vegas is one of the more interesting 3D slot machines to pop up over the years. In the five reel thirty line game the typical matching symbol action of slot machines is enhanced by the strictly Vegas appeal. Showgirls, waiters, and big time casino bosses dominate the landscape. However, the game leverages the attention of players by applying different games of chance to the slot machine bonus games. Tapping into different forms of gambling for entertainment provides this machine with some serious depth.

The machine is well designed and looks fabulous with a style that harkens back to old time Las Vegas. Glitter, gold, and lights dominate the border of the play area, and the location of the information that players will rely on most is clearly marked. The screen and information boxes are clear and easy to read, which serves as a major asset. In a slot machine like Mr. Vegas, there is a lot going on. For a five reel machine, finding available space can be a challenge, but this uses all the available room wisely and efficiently.

The colorful animation is not overdone. The characters spring to life during wins for a short clip of happiness. However, players can simply press the play button to bypass the animation and get back to the action. The symbols vary from people to other popular forms of gambling, and that inspiration provides a unique sort of appeal to this machine. The sound is also distinctly Vegas. Chips, cards, music, giggles, and more are all present in a soundtrack that adds depth to the machine and enhances the fun factor. Of course, the sound can be turned off with the click of a button, so longer sessions do not have to feature any background music or sound effects at all.

As with any modern slot machine, the machine itself has provide solid play, but the machine also needs to provide some depth with a variety of bonus games. The games need to offer players an incentive to stick around and keep spinning. Mr. Vegas takes this idea to the next level by capturing players’ attention and captivating the imagination by clever use of a variety of different styles of gambling. While the games are all rooted in spinning, like classic slots of old, the animation and mindset offers up a unique touch seldom seen in themed slot machines.

When the dice and Mr. Vegas icons appear next to each other on a line in any order, a dice oriented free spin bonus game is triggered. At this point the 3D animation takes over and the title character tosses a pair of dice directly at the player. The number of free spins won is the resulting total of the dice. For example, a roll of eight provides players with eight free spins. Of course, in true Las Vegas fashion, this bonus game has an extra layer. If doubles are thrown, players receive 2X for all wins during the bonus spins. This feature makes tossing double sixes something of a much sought after result. Twelve free spins at double winnings can produce some serious hits.

Another bonus game is triggered when three or more miniature slot machine icons appear on the play area in any position. Players are then treated to the actual Mr. Vegas mini slot machine appearing on the screen. A free spin on that three reel single line slot machine, where the winnings add up quickly, is awarded for every miniature machine symbol on the paylines. For example, three machines equals three spins and ten machines rewards players with ten free spins. The three line action is enhanced by some great payouts.

A third possible bonus game is triggered by the pieces of the money wheel in the upper left hand corner of certain symbols. Players that are lucky enough to see five of those pieces in any order on a single spin are treated to a spin at the money wheel mini game. This wheel is loaded with prizes of varying degrees. A showgirl spins the wheel, and players win the prize indicated on the spin. With maximum bet the money wheel represents the only chance for a player to win the progressive jackpot. Therefore, this particular bonus game is extremely important to the machine.

The final bonus game is activated when the solo Mr. Vegas symbol appears on line number one, three, and five. The bonus game revolves around a roulette spin this time, and players have the chance to win big relating to the spin of the wheel. Mr. Vegas shows up for the spin with his gorgeous women by his side as well. This bonus game provides a nice chance for players to really pad winning totals and produce some serious wins.

All things considered, Mr. Vegas brings some serious legwork to the table. The game is a great package of jackpots, bonus wins, free spins, and regular traditional slot play as well. Easy to see and navigate, the game offers several layers of entertainment, and while all are similar each one is extremely different. The vivid animation provides a great experience for slot players of any experience level. The simple and straightforward approach of every bonus game enhances this machines fun factor. Ready to go at the push of a button, this is one machine that will keep the attention and focus of any fan.