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Mega Gems Slot Machine Bonus Features

The Mega Gems slot machine has a very fun and addictive quality to it. The many bonus features you’ll find with this particular slot machine can make the game a great choice for players who want to win big and have lots of fun while doing it. Because there are so many slot machines out there for you to download and play, you may want to know the specifics of Mega Gems and its bonus features before you make the decision that it is the right game for you. This makes the choice of playing Mega Gems an easy one for you and your friends.

Winning Jackpots

You are probably already aware that most online slot machines have progressive jackpots available to their players. Progressive jackpots basically mean that the amount on the jackpot goes up and down depending on who is winning it at that current moment or who is playing and putting into it without winning. With Mega Gems, you will consistently see the jackpot go up and up because of the fact that the slot machine has a very large player base from all areas of the world.

Winning a progressive jackpot can be a huge deal with Mega Gems because of the amount of money you are able to attain if you actually hit it. The best way to get a jackpot win is by betting the max amount of lines and credits with each spin. You will then need to match a series of gems in order to get the jackpot at that current moment. Winning a jackpot is not necessarily easy with Mega Gems, but it is well worth it just because of the huge amount of credits you can gain when you actually hit the progressive jackpot during game play.

Bonus Rounds on Mega Gems

Bonus rounds available on the Mega Gems slot machine are also very fun and are made to let you get interactive with the game. Many other slot machines you might have played in the past may have had very boring bonus rounds that don’t give you much say in what is being done. With Mega Gems, you get to choose which gems to crack open and how much you’ll win depending on your specific choice. This is ideal for individuals who would like to win a ton of extra credits just by going into one of the many bonus rounds throughout Mega Gems.

Another great thing about Mega Gems is the fact that you get a chance to enter into these bonus rounds with every single spin that you make. You will get more of a chance of going into the round if you play more lines and have higher bets with Mega Gems, but this still doesn’t mean anything for those who are just playing one or two lines on the slot machine itself. There is still potential of winning lots of extra credits when you enter into a mini game for yourself.

Random Wins You’ll Find with Mega Gems

If you’ve played casino slot machines in the past, you’re probably aware of the random scatter and wild wins you’ll get when you make a lucky spin. These are the types of wins that may not give you a ton of credits, but they can definitely help you to increase the amount of credits you have in order to get better wins. Scatter wins can be activated when you match three or more different gems in a specific sequence. You will also find that getting a wild win is very similar, but more likely if you are playing multiple lines.

Getting these wins will allow you to gain a bit more credits that ultimately give you free spins. The free spins you can win with Mega Gems allow you to quickly and easily get into bonus rounds and even have more of a chance of getting progressive jackpot wins when you’re playing. The entire game makes it simple for those playing to actually win what they want in order to continue playing Mega Gems or cash out with the amount that they have won throughout the game.

Your Experience with Mega Gems

Mega Gems offers its players a lot of ways to win, whether this be through jackpots, bonus rounds or the simple scatter wins you’ll get when making a basic spin. You are also allowed to change the amount that you’re betting with each spin so that you can either win more or less depending on your needs. The game is incredibly fun and has more of a technology-theme to it that you are going to find to be highly unique from some of the other slot machines you’d be able to find on the Internet.

This is the type of slot machine you’ll want to give a try for yourself. You may be surprised at how easy and effortless it is for you to win when playing Mega Gems. This is why a lot of people make the decision to download and begin game play right away. You can have chances of getting into bonus mini games and winning progressive jackpots with Mega Gems. The game will enable you to play as many or as few lines and credits as you want so that you can make the game as unique as you would like for it to be.