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The software developer for Mamma Mia is Betsoft Mamma Mia has all the key featured factors that devotee and habitue slot gamers look for. There are abundantly and bountiful ways to win. It consists of 30 pay lines, 5 reels, free spins and several bonus games. This is one of the most awesome and exciting slot games out there.

A chef is the main attraction of this particular game, he does have a few impassive icons such as the intimidating food critic, fabulous vino wine, an enticing and savory menu, and many of his own enticing speciality dishes such as Baked Ziti, Tasty Pizza, Panna Cotta, Buona Fortuna.

If you are a chef of any kind “Especially Italian” you will love these slots. It shows the heart of the Chef Salvatore’s fabulous Italian kitchen with a delicious, delightful and worthwhile adventure for everyone.The games Italian kitchen is fully equipped with copper pots and pans to use on the burner, There is even a butcher block cutting board for the fabulous Italian chef to cut and serve onions and bell peppers and other vegetables. As you are playing the slots and spinning the reels, you could get a charge out of the numerous and fun ways to win. While watching the fabulous chef cutting, slicing, chopping, and boiling pasta, and sampling the awesome food. All the while singing his Italian arias, while working on his menus on the way to being recognized for his mouth-watering food and receiving millions of dollars for creating food he loves to make.

He is so popular and a celebrity that there are many newspaper articles complete with photos of this famous Italian chef.

By hitting the Bonus Wild Symbol the Lock Wild Mamma Mia Bonus activates, allowing you many extra chances to win. The Wild symbols will lock down, while the other reels keep on spinning. They will continue spinning until all the reels show a wild symbol. After all the reels have stopped, you will have an option to choose any wild symbol that you care to have, remember the stakes are higher be careful when you choose. Make sure you place your bet with a coin value between 0.02 and $1.00 on as many pay lines as you choose from 1 to 30, before choosing your symbol. If you choose the option to play with and for real money, this bonus, is a great option into winning a lot of cash quickly, but if your fate goes the other way you could lose lump sums of dough. The wild symbols will not replace free spins, click me, or bonus round triggers.

There is a very extraordinary menu bonus with a very delicious and savory appearance shown on the menu .If you get 3 or more menu symbols that show on any of the five reels. The fabulous chef’s server will announce that the terrifying food critic named “Alberto Ranbomzi” is arriving soon. When the critic arrives you will be prompt to pick one out of the five exquisite and scrumptious dishes to serve to the daunting critic, for his evaluation. The critic observes and will look at several different categories, such as the taste and texture, is it appealing to the eye, is it dry or soggy, and many other categories as well. Remember though the higher he evaluates you the more money you receive.

“Click Me Food Cover Bonus Round ” starts when at least three or more Food Cover symbols show up inconsistently on any of the reels. When three Food Covers should happen to appear at the same time throughout the reels, you will be immediately be prompted to choose one to reveal the hidden prize that you will receive.

Don’t forget the fabulous bonus on the scrumptious menu .Ah yes, the Pizza Bonus, if 3 or more pizza symbols come up on any of the reels across the board, you will also receive several exciting free spins to assist Salvatore to create a super fabulous tasting pizza, using awesome and different ingredients such as Black Olives, Anchovies, Sausage, Sardines, Pepperoni, Green Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese and Cucumbers.

Driven gamblers appreciate the value playing the slot’s machine, with the great exceptional and adequate graphics and masterful and skillful design. With the slots being free from Betsoft mean a lot to that compulsive gambler. When their luck is down, they can still play just not with real money, but if they are feeling lucky they can always change to using real money. Honestly speaking, the bonus round will be prepared for the high roller gamester, everyday dullness and restlessness will be subsiding, they will start to disregarded and overlooked their troubled problems and basically like the gambling techniques and methods.

If you are a gambler ,an Italian chef, or just a enthusiastic gamer, you would enjoy and return again and again to this creative and fast pace atmosphere in the Mamma Mia Slots game. There are many other slot games out there that people enjoy playing , but this game is more enjoyable then most of the others on the current market.