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Are you as smart as a mad scientist when it comes to making money? Find out by playing this video slots game with a long term payout percentage of 95.18%!

Madder Scientist is a 3-D, 5 reel, 30 pay line online slots game developed by gaming company BetSoft. The game is an excellent one for device users; great looking and performing well on Android and iOS. Laptop and computer users aren’t quite so lucky; this game won’t operate on Internet Explorer 7-9. The game is accessible with an up to date web browser. The game’s “plot” has players joining the titular character Dr. Walter Prescott in his laboratory and assisting with his experiments. Each spin by a player represents a new endeavor in the name of science. The game’s excellent animation, sound effects, and background music all contribute to the sense of watching a feature on a Saturday afternoon “Horror Feature” television program. Indeed, just as movies have sequels, this game is one as well, to Betsoft’s extremely popular Mad Scientist. That game’s “story” focused on Dr. Prescott’s attempts to transform base metals into gold. Madder Scientist features our nutty hero trying to improve on Mother Nature. Whether or not players will enjoy the mini-movies featuring Dr. Prescott and his curvy lab assistant will depend on what exactly they want from an online slots game. In short, if a player has played and enjoyed “Mad Scientist”, then there’s probably nothing he or she won’t like about “Madder Scientist”. It’s a much improved version of the same game.

The game’s symbols get into the spirit of all of this as well, and are represented by carrots, rabbits, lab equipment, etc., and some become animated when a winning pay line is activated. Highest scoring symbols depict Dr. Prescott and his assistant. There are up to twenty-eight different winning symbol combinations here.

Coin amounts in this game range from two to fifty cents, with a jackpot amount of $2,500. Players may bet between 1-150 coins for a single reel spin. Players should remember that in this game bets are compiled based on coin denomination, not the amount wagered. The game offers a couple of betting button options. With the simple Spin option, players can wager any amount. With the Bet Max one, they’re committed to a 150 coin bet. In addition to these “ordinary” spins that may make or break a player, Madder Scientist offers special features as well.


This particular game’s hook is that it has a feature called Reel Re-spinning. At the end of each round, players may re-spin any one of the five reels. In other words, if you’ve made a “non-bonus feature” spin, and don’t care for how the symbols lined up, hey, you’re welcome to take another whirl! That’s remarkably generous of BetSoft, you say? Not really. These re-spins cost players extra from their betting pot, with the game determining and displaying what this extra fee will be. However, the odds of winning a substantial amount of money with this particular feature are greater than the other ones, provided that the player can absorb some loss.

Wild Spins

The game allows players to activate as many as three (although players can trigger only one at a time) “wild switches” located randomly around the game’s playing field. Once activated, the switch in turn causes a randomly selected reel to offer a limited number of free spins. Otherwise, the free spin option isn’t offered during the game.

Bonus Round

This involved round is triggered by the game’s carrot symbol. Three carrots in a row sends players into this round. Once the bonus round has started, players “help” Dr. Prescott create various elixirs with different properties and pour them on a carrot. The resulting elixirs have different money values for players. The winning pot is also determined by player wagers earlier in the game.

Click Me

This “mini-game” within a game can be played by landing on three beakers after a spin. Once here, players try for beaker combinations to win “prizes” (tokens and free spins) to use in the game.

Players who are very new to slot games may find all of Madder Scientist’s bells and whistles more distracting than helpful in terms of concocting a winning strategy. Players who enjoy “advanced” 3-D slot games, and of course veterans of “Mad Scientist”, will find themselves on familiar ground. In terms of strategy, this game is played from left to right. High scoring symbols aren’t seen often. But three of a low scorer like “High Voltage” can result in a ten coin winning, so players shouldn’t sniff at them. Very few players can escape the re-spin feature without paying to play. However, some players have found that using the re-spin option is the only way they can acquire specific symbols that allows them to play other feature rounds, especially the carrot-oriented Bonus Round. Other players with a handle on their betting pots have also discovered that sticking with re-spin has resulted in big pay-offs without risking all in another feature round.

So for players who enjoy lots of backstory with their slots game and aren’t looking for a huge jackpot, “Madder Scientist” is a fun and engaging entry from BetSoft, and a great jumping off point to other games of this type.