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Mad Scientist Slot Machine Bonus Features

Mad Scientist is a fun and inventive slot machine game available through mobile devices and for online play. What sets Mad Scientist apart from many other types of slot machines you’d play online would be the fact that you can easily lock into its many bonus features throughout the game. The game has an incredibly fun theme to it that is unlike many other types of slot machines you’d be able to find online. Because of this, it’s a good idea to give Mad Scientist for yourself to see if it’s the right type of slot machine for you.

Scatter Wins

One of the very first types of bonus features and wins you’ll notice with Mad Scientist is the fact that it has a myriad of scatter wins available to its players. Scatter wins are incredibly easy to attain when you’re actually playing the game because you simply have to match three or more images to each other on the game board to win that specified amount. The amount you win with these Mad Scientist scatter wins is dependent on what images you’ve matched as well as how much you’re actually betting when you make the spin itself.

In order to have more of a chance of winning these scatter plays, you will want to play more lines and bet more credits with each spin that you make. Mad Scientist allows you to play multiple lines at any given time, and this is great for increasing your chances of winning and the amount that you are actually going to win. If you only play one or two lines at a time, you are only playing one specific row on the board, and this may not give you the specific types of wins that you are truly looking to achieve.

Bonus Rounds

You are probably very aware of bonus rounds since many slot machines will offer them to players. What bonus rounds actually are would be a mini game within the game itself. With Mad Scientist, you will get locked into a mini game bonus round that allows you to get highly interactive with the game itself. You get to choose different jars and vials to see what is in them as far as credits are concerned. Getting locked into one of these rounds gives you the ability to win hundreds or even thousands of credits on the game.

The way that you will get locked into a bonus round on the game is by matching three of the bonus round icons on the screen with a spin. As with scatter wins, you will have more of a chance of getting a bonus round win when you play more lines. When it comes to how much you are actually going to win with the bonus round, this depends on how much you were betting at the time that you were locked into the mini game and began to play it on your own screen.


Mad Scientist also has a great progressive jackpot available to players at all times. The way that you can win this specific type of jackpot is by matching a series of images to each other and betting the maximum amount of lines and credits with each spin. If you are not doing this, you will not have a chance to win the jackpot on Mad Scientist. The best way to have a chance of actually winning is by betting and playing the maximum amount that is available to you throughout the game itself.

Jackpots are great with Mad Scientist because they allow you to win thousands upon thousands of credits with just one lucky spin. The fact that you will be able to win this amount is what makes playing Mad Scientist worth it for players worldwide. You won’t have to worry that you are winning enough even if you are consistently getting scatter wins and going into bonus mini games. The jackpot on Mad Scientist is progressive, meaning that it is going to go up and up the more people choose the play the game and put credits into it from their own homes and computers.

Playing Mad Scientist

The theme of Mad Scientist is a lot of fun and is surrounded by laboratory items and weird imagery. The game play is nice and smooth, making the slot machine one of the best choices for players to make when choosing a brand new game to give a try. If you want a good quality slot machine that offers its players many ways to win, Mad Scientist is the right choice for you. The key is to make use of the many bonus features available throughout the game in order to win a lot of extra credits that you can cash out with or continue to put towards the game itself.

While there are many different types of slot machines out there, players are finding it to be incredibly worth their while to actually download Mad Scientist and begin playing it for themselves. It’s the type of online slot machine that has multiple ways for players to win, and the highly interactive bonus rounds that feature mini games are a lot of fun to play throughout. The best thing to do is to take a look at the pay table on Mad Scientist to see which images can be matched for wins.