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There are plenty of people always looking for the next great slot machine that they are going to play. They want to know what kinds of games they can sit around, play, and enjoy. Often times, these individuals end up searching for a long time. However, those who hear about the Lost slot game are quite often happy to start playing this game and perhaps even make it the only game that they bother to play when it comes to slot machines anymore.

The Lost game is one that sort of looks like something along the lines of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. It is something that includes symbols such as mummies, pyramids, and other symbols that are associated with these type of adventure movies that are so popular. Though, the makers of this game would probably deny any connection to a particular movie for legal reasons, it seems pretty clear that the intent of this particular game is to remind players of the movie and to encourage them to play.

So Many Ways To Win

There are plenty of ways to win in this 30 payline, 5 reel game. Players are almost certain to find that they have at least some chance to score a win of some kind if they play long enough. This many paylines and that many reels provides another great opportunity, and that is an opportunity for players to adjust how much they are wagering on any given spin. Some simply do not have as many available funds as other players might have. If they are serious about taking some time to play this game, they will want to adjust the amount that they bet to make it reflect what they know they are able to afford to spend on the game.

Meet The Hero Of The Game

For those who have never played before, it may be important to take a look at the hero of this game to see what kind of character they will be playing along with. In this game we meet Dacota Bones who is an adventure seeker. He brings along his pet monkey named Farooq for the fun. There are plenty of places that Dacota and Farooq go. These include tombs and some shiny rooms that are full of treasure. It is an adventure every step of the way. Lucky and diligent players will enjoy getting much farther along in the adventure if they happen to hit some of the great bonus features.

Are You Ready For Some Free Spins?

Free spins are one of the more appealing bonuses for many slot machine games. They are featured in this game as well. Unlocking some free spins means that players are able to get to the point where they do not have to place anymore money into the machine in order to get it to spin. They can simply sit back and enjoy the various spins as they rack up the winnings and walk away happier. It is nice that the Lost slot game provides this as just one of the bonuses that is available. There are others as well.

Wild And Scatter Symbols

A game that provides for the free spin bonus does not necessarily have to include anything else as a bonus. However, Lost slot game piles it on by adding along the scatter instant win bonus. This is a bonus that is activated by those who are lucky enough to hit three or more scatter symbols on a payline. Getting this combination will bring players to the promised land of a bonus game. The bonus game is one in which they are asked to select from a number of items to reveal an instant cash bonus. It is pretty simple, but the players seem to like the premise of it. As long as they are being rewarded for their play, most gamblers are going to enjoy the fact that they have managed to hit a bonus at all.

Wild symbols in this game help to pump up even the small wins that a player might have been lucky enough to hit. If they are getting a small win with wild symbols attached, then that small win may turn into a much larger score for the player. This is why so many are attached to this game. It provides for those kinds of scores. The wild symbols only help to enhance the performance of the game that the player has been playing in the first place.

Why You Should Play This Game Now

Grab your quarters and give this game a try. It has the theme that you will probably enjoy and plenty of ways to win. All of those paylines means that you can play for a lot of money or a small amount depending upon how much you would like to play. Basically, there is no way to lose when you are playing this one because you are going to have fun with the game no matter what happens. In all likelihood, you will find that this game has treated you to the experience of a lifetime. Some players do not even go back to playing anything else after this one.