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It Came From Venus Slot Machine Game Bonus

It Came From Venus is a unique slot machine game that is getting a lot of followers. There are a lot of fun things about the It Came From Venus slot machine game, like the animated farmer and the plant. It Came From Venus has a lot of ways to win and there is a bonus round so that people can win even more.

It Came From Venus Bonus Round

Three or more helicopter symbols will trigger the bonus round on the game It Came From Venus. It will trigger a save the plant. The farmer on the game is attached to the plant. When the military gets a hold of the plant, it is packed away in a box. On the bonus round, the player must help the farmer find the box that the plant is in. Once they do this they will be returned to the farm and get their bonus points. A player will continue to play until they reach the bonus because it is a lot of fun.

· It Came From Venus bonus round is fun.
· To trigger it, a person has to have three helicopters.
· The plant is part of the bonus round.
· Since the military has taken the plant, the farmer is upset.
· The player’s job is to help the farmer find the plant.
· They will do this by looking in different boxes until they find the plant.
· Once the plant is found, the player will be taken back to the game to receive their bonus spins.

The Progressive Jackpot

In order to receive the progressive jackpot on It Came From Venus slot machine game, a person will need to have five of the plant symbols. They need to be betting at the maximum in order to get the jackpot. That is another reason why it pays to bet the maximum when playing the slot game. When they get the five plant symbols, they will get the progressive jackpot, and it will go back down again. The more people that play the game, the higher the progressive jackpot gets.

Other Features

There are other ways for a person to win on the It Came From Venus slot machine game. They can get wild icons, double up, stacking wins and scatters. Since they can accumulate more money when they make a high bet, they should consider doing so. This is what makes the game so enjoyable. They will also have the option of watching a fun video before they start playing the game that shows scenes of the farmer and the plant. The payout section will describe how much a person can win when they get certain symbols on the reels. Players will want to check this information before or during the time that they are playing On It Came From Venus. It always helps a player to understand what symbols they need to get in order to win more.

Free Spin Feature

Players will also be able to receive free spins on It Came From Venus slot machine game. The free spin icon flips out from the reel and lands on the barrel by the plant. The plant comes over and gobbles it down. This is how it is determined how many free spins that the player will receive. It is an interesting display on the screen. The free spins go on, and the player is able to earn more money. Many players love to get the free spins because it helps them add up their earnings.

How To Bet

When a person bets on the It Came From Venus slot machine game, they will want to consider making sure that they are placing the maximum bets. The maximum bets give more lines that a person can win from. When they have the maximum bet, they will increase their chances at winning a lot more. There is a payout section that will explain the different ways that a person can bet. A player can check on this screen to see what may work for them.

The Characters

The farmer and the plant the main characters in the game. They move about when a player hits something good. The farmer dances and gets excited, and it is enjoyable for a player to watch. When players see the animation on the game, they will be impressed.

It Came From Venus slot machine game is one that many people like to play. There are unique characters on the screen, like the farmer and the plant life. Playing to win is what most people do while they are enjoying the rest of the game and the graphics. There are many reasons why people like to play the same slot machine time after time. Since there are many different reasons that people gamble, they will find that this particular game will make them want to keep trying to play it until they master it.