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House Of Fun Slot Machine Game Bonuses

The House Of Fun slot game has lots of interesting characters in it. It is a fun game that many people like to play. The House Of Fun game is exciting and interesting to play. Players are taken through a variety of interesting characters as they spin on the reels in order to earn money. Since the game is easy to play, many people like to play it for their enjoyment in their free time. There are bonuses that are on the House Of Fun slot game that can allow people to win quite a bit when they are playing it.

The Escape Bonus Round

The Escape Bonus round is triggered when three or more symbols of the monster appear on any given payline. The goal of the bonus is to help Jane and Paul to escape the House Of Fun. Players can pick any door to get them out of the House Of Fun. There are five different doors and behind them the Jack in the Box comes out and offers bonus amounts. Players are to keep going until they get Jane and Paul out. Once they get Jane and Paul out of the House Of Fun, they are taken back to the game to begin spinning once again. The bonus can be substantial so many players look forward to getting to play the bonus round. Many players continue to play on the game until they reach the bonus round several times.

· Three or more monster symbols triggers the Escape Bonus
· The symbols can appear on any given payline.
· Getting Paul and Jane out of the House Of Fun is the goal.
· Picking any door to get them out can trigger bonus points.
· There are five doors to choose from.
· Each time a player pushes on a door, Jane and Paul run over to it.
· Behind the door it either lets them escape or the Jack in the Box is there.
· The Jack in the Box can leave the player substantial earnings.
· Once Jane and Paul escape the House Of Fun, the player is returned to the game to begin spinning again.

Free Spins Feature

When someone is playing the house of cards, they may see the question mark box symbol. This symbol needs to be scattered in three different areas in order to receive the free spins. Once the three symbols are hit, the jack in the box is in front of the reels as the player receives the free spins. It smiles at the player as the free spins begin and go on. The free spins help players to accumulate more winnings. Getting the free spins is exciting on this game because of the graphics that are used.

The Mad Click Me Feature

There is a Mad Click Me feature on the site too. Players will need to get the Mad Click Me symbol in the one, two and three reel positions to trigger this feature. Once it is triggered, the man will jump out from the reels and allow the player to pick from three different boxes. The boxes will have amounts that will add up until the player picks one that says collect. The man jumps back into the reel after the player gets the one that says collect on it. This is a fun feature in the House Of Fun game that many players enjoy. The winnings can add up tremendously. Once it is completed and tallied, the player will begin play again.

Graphics And Characters

The game does an excellent job of presenting a House Of Fun video in the beginning of the game. The video sets up the whole scenario of the House Of Fun for the player. It shows how Jane and Paul end up at the house and what happens to them while they are in there. A player has a choice of whether or not they want to view it. They can skip it if they would like to. The characters are animated, but they look very real. They move across the screen in excellent ways for animated characters. The colors of the screens are vibrant and clear. The fantastic graphics of the game lead to total enjoyment for the player.

Pay Table Information

On the pay table screen, players can find out how much each symbol will pay. This will give them a better idea on how to bet when they are playing the game. Since it is always best to bet the maximum to receive the most benefits, it is recommended. Some players will make other types of bets, and they can change their minds at any time during the game.

Playing the House Of Fun game is enjoyable. Many people decide to choose the game over and over again because they want to try to master it and win as much as possible. Since they will have the opportunity to, they keep coming back to play it again and again.