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The Gypsy Rose Slot Game is a 5 reel 3D game that offers plenty of actions and real rewards. The animations and mystical feel tie in great with the gypsy theme and can make a player feel like their fortune really does depend on the game. It is a simple game to manage but is sure to keep players on their toes. While every spin could pay out, its bonus features are where the big rewards lie.

The first feature is the Wild Card Toss which allows players to acquire even more spins. To get the Wild Card Toss bonus the player would need to have at least four wild symbols on their slot machine, with one of them being on reel 1 and another on reel 5. While this may sound like a stretch, the Wild Card Toss shows up about every 10 spins, which is quite often. There is also a chance that the game would add even more wild symbols onto the board if the player gets opposite wilds on the same horizontal line. This could result in even more Wild Card Tosses or even a Crystal Ball feature.

There are also four Crystal Ball features in the Gypsy Slot Game, each of them beneficial in their own way. One of them is the Crow Wild bonus feature. This bonus feature allows the player a free spin. But this is not just any regular free spin. This spin guarantees the player at least three wild symbols that lock themselves in place right in the middle. This happens because the Crow Wild feature makes all crow symbols change to wild symbols for that specific round allowing the player the chance to get even more winning combinations. To get the Crow Wild the player would have to spin a crystal ball in the center of their reel paired with a crow next to it on both its left and right side. This feature does not occur as frequently as the others but when it does, it definitely pays off.

The next Crystal Ball feature is the Love Potion feature. The Love Potion bonus feature allows the player another 12 free spins which go off automatically. This feature is set off when the player gets a crystal ball in the middle of the third reel with two love potions next to it on either side. While one might thinks that this feature is only worth about the same as a simple Wild Card Toss, it could technically result in many more re-spins if the player keeps landing on more bonus features which make it all the more rewarding.

Another Crystal Ball feature is the Gypsy Tarot Card bonus feature which is most likely the rarest of them all. To get this feature a crystal ball would have to show up in the middle of the players third reel and be surrounded by a gypsy on both its left and right side. This sequence would lead the player to a screen with 15 tarot cards laying on a table. Each of these tarot cards contain symbols like kings, queens, jokers and so on. The player would then get to pick seven of those cards to bet a part of their budget on. The bonus for getting as many cards of the same color and type would be a multiplier of the reward that they got in their previous spin. Of course, how many of the tarot cards actually match up based on color and symbols is completely random. The last, and probably the most entertaining of part of the Tarot Card feature is the fortune telling. This feature lends the player a glimpse at their future through the hand of a fortune teller named after the game, Gypsy Rose. She tells the players fortune by a deck of cards and while this is not the most rewarding bonus feature it is entertaining and ties in perfectly with the gypsy fortune teller theme of the Gypsy Rose Slot Game.

The last Crystal Ball feature is the Magic Book Instant Cash Prize bonus feature. This is probably the most lucrative of the Crystal Ball bonus features and not surprisingly also one of the hardest ones to attain. To get this feature the player once again has to hit a crystal ball in the middle of the third reel. This time the crystal ball has to be surrounded by one magic book on both its left and right sides. When the player gets the Instant Cash Prize feature they get to chose any amount of their budget to bet on. The prize is an instant cash reward which can result in up to 20 times the amount of their original bet. As always, the amount their bet is multiplied by is totally random.

Overall, it is safe to say that the Gypsy Rose Slot Game is not only a fun and visually appealing slot game to play, but the bonus features actually make it worthwhile playing. The Wild Card Toss occurs often and creates even more opportunity for the player while the Tarot Card bonus feature is rare but is like a virtual lottery. Altogether, the different bonus features combined make for an exciting game