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For anyone who enjoys a progressive slot machine game, Greedy Goblin is a fun option. It provides entertaining animations and music to keep gameplay interesting, yet it still has some desirable features that make it worth wild simply for those who want to play slots and do not care about what is going on story wise or animation wise. With everything put together though, it does offer some desirable features for anyone to check out.

First, some basics, Greedy Goblins is a five reel, 30 line game. This is actually a sequel game as well, so for anyone that enjoyed the Once Upon a Time game from Betsoft Gaming, they are sure to love this game as well. This game does increase the level of animations and graphics over the previous offering, but it still maintains some of the same gameplay features. While playing the game, there are some different features, ranging from free spins and bonus rounds to Sticky Wilds, Cascading Drops and even a progressive jackpot. Understanding all of these features is extremely important when it comes to playing the game.

When it comes to the reels and play lines, it is possible to bet as low as .02 cents per line. For someone who wants to bet a single penny this is going to double the bet, but it should not prove substantially different for anyone who wants to bet more than the minimum. The maximum bet is $2.50 per play line, which means a minimum bet sits at .02 cents while the maximum bet for an entire round is $75.

There are different icons anyone playing the game needs to watch. The standard icons are goblins, toadstools, piles of gold, elves, books, wooden shacks and crowns. The shack is one of the most desirable icons to come up as it is the wild card in the game. It is able to substitute in for any other icon outside of the bonus symbol.

The cascading reel occurs if two or more gold elf coin symbols appear on the screen at once in any position. Once this happens, the Greedy Goblin is going to run out onto the screen in order to collect the gold. When this animation happens, it is going to force a new symbol to drop down onto the screen, which is known as a cascade. While this happens, a player can pick up multiple winds from the single spin and increase their winnings from the one spin. Now, this is a feature that does appear on all sorts of other slot machines, but due to the animation, it is rather entertaining and makes it that much more desirable when it comes up.

It is possible to win up to 25 free spins when landing at least three Welcome Sign symbols on the reels at once. Now, it does depend on the number of scatters that are hit during this time, but it gives the player 10, 15 or 25 free spins. During the same spin, it impossible win a multiplier, which is a 10x during the free spins.

Of course, there is also a bonus round as well with Greedy Goblins. The interactive bonus round is really a fun one to play and is what helps set Greedy Goblins from many of the other slot machines out there. The bonus round becomes active when the Book of Secrets icon appears on both the second and forth reels. This is a “Pick Me” bonus round, where the player clicks on different objects inside of the elves castle in order to see different prizes located inside of each. The player continues playing the bonus round until the “Collect” symbol appears.

On top of the winning of free spins and a bonus round, there is a progressive jackpot as well. Of course, in this game it is known as the “Greedy Jackpot.” This jackpot is won if the player hits five elf symbols across the reel. In order to win the maximum payout for the jackpot, a full bet of $75 is required. Should this happen, the entire progressive jackpot is won. The value of the progressive jackpot is going to vary as it builds with every single bet. It is possible this is only worth a few thousand dollars, or it can be much higher than that. It all just depends on when the jackpot is won.

This really is a rather entertaining slots game. It is a must play for anyone who enjoys video slot machines with a bit of a storyline and entertaining graphics. Few other games out there have the graphics, music and sound effects to match what this game offers. On top of this, for anyone who played the original Once Upon a Time game, they are sure to like this even more as it has all sorts of features that came from the original game, only improved upon through the better graphics and gameplay features. Now, for someone who is looking for a game where they can bet only a penny per line, this game requires a two cent bet, so to some this might not be much of an issue, while to others it does double the bet. The maximum bet is also $2.50 per line, while many others tops out at $5, so there are some differences in regards to the maximum and minimum bets, but it still should allow for a nice game play.