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Good Girl, Bad Girl slots allows the player to choose between a lower risk or a high risk option. The player can however, choose to play the good and bad girl at the same time. The good girl has lower risks and pays out a lower reward and the bad girl has a higher risk and pays out a higher reward. Within the slots game there are two bonus features such as the Money Wheel and the Click Me Gift Box. Both the pitchfork and the halo symbols turn into a wild symbol when on the reels and awards the player with a multiplier. The halo offers the player an award of 1x to 2x multiplier and the pitchfork awards the player with up to 1x to 4x multiplier. When offered with the multiplier it is best to take the good girl choice as this pays out mostly 2x multipliers.

In order for the player to enter the Money Wheel bonus round, the player must have three money wheels appearing anywhere on the board. These symbols can appear in any area of the playing board and do not have to be next to each other in order to enter the bonus round. When the player spins the money wheel the player can be given a cash prize, free spins, or enter the progressive jackpot. It is important to note here the progressive jackpot can only be won when betting the maximum amount whether in the good or bad girl mode of play. Within the good girl mode the cash prizes are are on the low side reaching upwards of the thousands of dollars whereas, the free spins tend to be much higher than those on the bad girl mode. Within the bad girl mode of money wheel play the jackpots can reach upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ultimate prize if the player is playing both sides is 1,170,000 coins. Regardless if the player is playing both sides they can only win one jackpot. If the player is looking to win more it is better to choose the bad girl side of the money wheel. Additionally, any free spins awarded will be played in the mode that was active when the money wheel was active. However, during regular play the player can switch between the good and bad girl mode. During the payouts there is a special candy payout, which is the sum of all of the symbols that were exploded during this special feature. The money wheel does hit frequently. However, the amount to be won varies depending on how many players are playing at the time.

The Click Me bonus round is a bit harder to trigger. In order for the player to enter this bonus round a halo must appear next to the pitchfork. The player is then taken to a screen with multiple presents on it. However, the player must choose which mode they wish to play. Whether it is the good reels, in which a good click me box will appear and the same is true for the bad girl mode, a bad click me box will appear. There are four rounds to this bonus in which the player can choose their presents. If the player can choose in the right sequence, they are awarded the largest prize amount. Of course, the prize awards depend solely on the type of mode the player has chosen to play. Once again the player has a choice to make if they are playing both reels, will they take the good or bad route. The best strategy is choosing safely with the first three presents then take a more risky approach on the last box praying for a larger win. There are two wildcard symbols that can pop up at any time that will award the player with a multiplier that ranges from 1x-5x, which increases each of the players wins.

Within the click me bonus round the player opens gift boxes to reveal prizes. They player is allotted a maximum of four boxes before the end of the round. During the good bonus round the player will see four boxes which contain a small, medium, or large amount or a collect, which ends the bonus round. There are two glowing boxes in this round they are signified as being safe boxes, and these contain a small or medium prize. If the player is looking to slowly build their cash amount, they can do so by choosing the glowing boxes. When the player chooses the Bad option, it is very similar to the good mode option with one major difference. The two, glowing boxes while still safe, contain much larger prize amounts and collect. If the player is a risk taker this may be an option to quickly grow their cash amount.

Good Girl Bad Girl slots offer its player a mini game which will double up their winnings as another bonus. After the player has won, they can choose to double up their winnings. This will take them into the mini game where they decide how the coin will land. A correct guess will have the players winnings doubled. If the player has chosen to play the Bad girl, they pay out less frequently, but can win a 4x multiplier with the wild symbol. If the player has opted for the Good girl, the player will win more regularly, however, the wild multiplier will only pay up to 2x.