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Gold Diggers Slot Review

The Gold Diggers slot machine game is a bit of a tongue in cheek game that players are flocking to play. It does have the symbols in it that are related to the gold miners of the past. The golden nuggets, the miners themselves, and other symbols that are related to gold mining are all featured in this game.

How Much Can Be Bet?

The bet size is a choice that players will have to make in this game. They can wager as little two cents per line, but they are able to crank that up to fifty cents per line if they wish. Since there are 30 lines in the game, these bets can be quite large. The amount of coins that one may bet maxes out at 5 per line. This means that up to $2.50 per line may be able to be bet on a given line. This is a lot of money to some people, but to others it is there everyday gambling budget. This is what is so appealing about a slot machine game like this one.

Dynamite Bonus Game

If you want to play a slot machine game, you are going to be playing one for the bonus games that are offered within it. There is little reason to play if you are not trying to win as much money as possible. The bonus games are where the major amount of money is won in a slot machine game. The dynamite symbol in the gold digger game is an exciting symbol for players.

If the players are able to get three or more sticks of dynamite on a line that they have played, then the player is rewarded with a chance to win a $7,500 jackpot. That is one way to start off a weekend! For the most part though, players are just looking for a small cash win as well as free spins awarded to a player. This is a nice bonus for players to get because they are rewarded twice in the same game.

Gopher A Dig Bonus

This wouldn’t be much of a game if there was only one type of bonus that could be achieved. Luckily, that is not the case with this particular slot. Rather, players are rewarded with a few different types of bonuses in this slot machine game.

The Gopher A Dig Bonus is a bonus that is rewarded to players who hit three or more gopher symbols on a line. If they are able to get this combination of gophers, they will see a reward that is an instant cash bonus. A lot of players like this because they do not have to do anything more in the bonus. They are simply rewarded for the fact that they have happened to land those gopher symbols on the lines. It is easy and the players still get the reward that they want.

Gold Rush Bonus

The Gold Rush Bonus is one that is sure to be a nice reward for players. This one is much more of a game than the other two. This bonus is one that takes the player to a second screen. From that screen, players are able to see three gold digging friends. They instruct those friends to choose three spots to try to dig up some gold. The player is rewarded for each one of the spots that their players dig up. There are going to be gold nuggets under each one of those spots, and those gold nuggets translate to various amounts of money.

It is important to track how much one is able to win during this bonus game. There are plenty of opportunities to crank up the winnings on this one, but players have to be lucky to get the right spots for the gold nuggets that will pay out the most money. There is no guarantee that any particular spot is going to have the higher paying gold nuggets, so players just have to be aware of the possibility that they could get a high payout, but they will need to get lucky to make it happen.

The Story Line Of This Game

There is a story line to this game that plays out every time the players are playing it. The game is designed to keep players interested in the story as it unfolds at the same time. It is a clever game that players have been enjoying since it was first released.

Many will notice the beautiful woman in the game who the gold miners are all trying to catch the eye of. She is the item of lust of these men, and it is something that makes the game pretty funny and entertaining. As they are all working to try to get her attention, the player is just trying to win the money that this game will pay out to them.

It is always a good thing when the game can hold the attention of its players no matter if those players are winning or losing. Hopefully, the players will be winning and will get to enjoy the success that they have while at the same time being able to enjoy the story that the game plays out for them all at the same time. It is something that has propelled some players to play just this game.