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Fruit Zen Slot Machine Bonus Features

Fruit Zen is one of the more classic styles of slot machines you’ll find on the Internet. It’s a game that can offer many different ways for you to win and earn additional credits. Whether you happen to be playing Fruit Zen for free or you are using a casino that enables you to convert credits into real money, this game has many bonus features you’ll find to be useful in winning. Being able to win on Fruit Zen lands you tons of additional credits, and this can make the entire game a lot more worthwhile for you in the long run while playing.

Jackpots on Fruit Zen

As with many other types of slot machines, jackpots are readily available to those playing Fruit Zen. The jackpot is a progressive one, meaning that it is going to go up in value regularly the more that players put into it but do not win the full amount. Jackpots on all types of slot machines are ideal because they could win you thousands upon thousands of extra credits. Most players who win a jackpot on Fruit Zen will immediately cash out with their winnings while others may use the extra credits to do more spins on the wheel.

When playing Fruit Zen, you may be aiming to get the progressive jackpot that is available to you. The best way to increase the odds of winning the jackpot is for you to play all lines at the same time with every spin that you make as well as to bet the absolute maximum amount of credits that is feasibly possible during the game. If you are not betting this specific amount, you will not get a chance to win the progressive jackpot that is available to you on Fruit Zen.

Mini Games

Bonus mini games are a great way for you to get a ton of extra credits while having lots of fun doing it. With Fruit Zen, you will get a chance to enter into one of these mini games by matching several of the bonus fruit with each other. Like the jackpot winnings, you have more of a chance of getting into a bonus round when you are playing all lines. You can also win a lot more from the mini game if you increase your bets before you actually spin the wheel itself.

With the mini games, you can get interactive with the board to see exactly what it is that you’re going to need to win more credits than you thought possible. The mini games available on Fruit Zen are really fun and feature lots of different fruits and ways to win tons of credits. The credits will be put into your game so that you can either cash out with them or choose to keep playing because you have earned enough credits to do more spins. Your game play is up to you, but it’s fun to get interactive with the slot machine when giving Fruit Zen a try.

Different Wins on Fruit Zen

Other than the obvious jackpot and mini bonus games, you may be wondering if there are other ways for you to win on the Fruit Zen slot machine. Like many other games out there, Fruit Zen has both scatter and wild wins that you can easily get when you spin the wheel. These wins definitely do not pay out as much as a bonus game or jackpot would give you, but they are ideal for making up some lost credits that you might have used for a spin that didn’t win you anything at all.

In order to win both scatter and wild plays, you will have to match several fruits together on the wheel. The more lines you play, the more chance you have of getting these types of wins. Winning a scatter or wild spin may not prove to give you lots of credits, but they are definitely a way to gradually earn extra spins and credits over the course of the entire game.

The Game Play of Fruit Zen

Fruit Zen offers players a nice and smooth game play with easy-to-read functions on the game itself. You can see exactly what the bonus rounds are, where the jackpot is at right then and there as well as how many lines and credits you’re playing with each specific spin. You can also change your bets with each spin, so you will never get locked into a specific amount that you’re betting just because you do not know how to change it for yourself. Changing the amount you’re betting is a good way to either increase your chances of winning different spins or decreasing the amount of credits you are playing at any given moment.

There are so many players right now who are giving Fruit Zen a try for themselves. It’s the type of slot machine you’ll always keep coming back to because of its classic features and bonus options found throughout the game. You choose where you’d like to download the game for your own convenience and then it is up to you to just start playing and having lots of fun. There are a lot of slot machines out there, but Fruit Zen is definitely a wonderful choice if you’re looking for smooth game play and many different types of great bonus features.