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It isn’t a myth that online slot machines are becoming popular all over the world. But not every slot machine has the ability to take the hearts of the player.There is one slot machine that many online slot players are beginning to talk about and play more often than not.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wizards, fairies, elves and trolls. This online slot machine is unique with it’s perpendicular platform, distinct array of colors, and it’s ability to delivery a story that any one who was ever a child, loved. BetSoft continues to deliver high quality slot machines that are not only playable but unforgettable. This 3D slot machine offers not only an extensive interface, it offers features that are exceptional in it’s on right.

Enchanted has been built to twist the world of fairy’s by giving players a a new world of slots and winnings. The cute graphics and entertaining mini games will not only keep the players attention, it will keep the player coming back for more. There are incredible prizes that can be won time and time again during game play, and the payouts are pretty decent when it comes to frequency.

Enchanted was created as a 3D slot game that was developed by the popular slot making company BetSoft Gaming. BetSoft has a reputation of building slot machines that offer basic game play, making their slot machines easy for even novice players. This five reel slot machine offers players 30 paylines. Players can choose anywhere from one to 30 active lines. Each payline can be played with up to five coins. This is huge because this could mean big winnings for the player. Coin denominations are pretty standard on most of BetSoft’s slot machines. They range anywhere from $0.02 to $1.

One of the things that stand out about Enchanted is it’s graphics. The world of magic is usually full of outstanding magically dust, fairy’s, wizards and elves. BetSoft made sure to deliver a theme that would pop out at players during their game play, making them feel as if they were actually surrounded by the characters. The animated sequences are used in the introduction of the game, with the main characters being slowly introduced. Players will be playing their game in the middle of a forest that includes houses built in trees, storybooks and huge mushrooms. All of the fonts that are used throughout the slot are written with children’s fantasy in mind. Playing Enchanted will easily bring out the child in any player.

Even though it’s hard to ignore the gorgeous graphics that align the slot’s screen, Enchanted is much more than just beautiful graphics. The main objective on the Enchanted game is to match the symbols. Matching the symbols from left to right across an active payline could win a player a prize. If a player matches at least 3 rings, crystal balls, and or owls, the player could earn up to 300 coins.

Bonus Features

No matter what slot machine is being played, every player wants to experience the bonus features. Bonus features is what makes the slot machine fun to play. Enchanted not only offers great bonus features, it offers an easy way to earn them. Each special bonus feature can be triggered on the reels, giving the player additional ways to win different prizes.

The first Bonus feature is the Crazy Hat’s reel game. This feature is triggered when a player hits two or more crazy hat symbols. When the feature is activated, the feature will turn crazy hats into wild symbols. This action will trigger winnings for the player. It’s important to know that this particular game gives players more chances to win by activating three respins. These three respins are triggered on different reels, which in turn changes the combinations,giving the player more chances to win.

The next bonus feature is the Tonks Tinkering Door game. This particular bonus feature gives players more than one way to win. The Tonk tinkerings door game is activated when a player collects three Golden Keys. These Golden Keys must be obtained on the 5th reel during the play in order to win. One of the things that makes this game a bit different is that players don’t have to get all three keys on the same spin. The game will track your keys as you spin, and award a bonus after the player has recieved the third key. Triggering this game will allow a player to see a number of locks on the reels. Players will have the option to choose three locks to open, revealing hidden prizes.

The spellbook feature is another bonus feature that is lucrative and fun to play. Players who match three or more spellbooks on an active payline will trigger the Ultimate spellbokk free spin game. Players will have three spins that can earn them a number of rewards. Players will also have a chance to earn additional spins if they run across the special enchanted symbol. If this symbol stops in the center position of the third reel, the player will recieve a few more spins.

Hitting the Seera and Rufus symbol will trigger the second screen bonus round. This is another bonus feature that can not be ignored. If the player gets each of these on any active playline, a bonus screen will pop up encouraging the player to help Seera to recover her bird. This particular bird has been stolen by Rufus and needs to be rescued and returned. If the player rescues the bird, they will win hundreds of bonus coins.

The Enchanted Slot machine could be dissected in many different ways. Although it’s considered a simple slot machine, it still has an extensive interface that is friendly and inviting. Even though the graphics are great, the jackpot prizes are much greater, making this slot machine a blast to play.