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Chase the Cheese Slot Machine Bonus Features
The Chase the Cheese slot machine is readily available for those using their home computers or mobile devices. Like many other slot machines, Chase the Cheese has a lot of different bonus features that you can find when actually playing the game. The game is a lot of fun and allows you to get interactive with each of the bonus features on there. The first step is for you to download Chase the Cheese and give it a try yourself. Look at the pay table on the game to get a feel for how you will be able to win extra credits, free spins and jackpot winnings.

Progressive Jackpot

With the progressive jackpot, you have the chance of winning a ton of credits with just one lucky spin of the wheel. One of the absolute best things about Chase the Cheese is that the jackpot is progressive, meaning that it is going to go up and up each time players win the game. In order to win the jackpot on the game, you will need to match several of the images to each other. Matching these images will give you the opportunity to win the jackpot available on Chase the Cheese.

One of the easiest ways to improve your chances of winning this jackpot is by playing all lines at the maximum amount of bets on that particular spin. If you are not betting the maximum amount, you will not get the chance to spin a jackpot win. This is something to remember when playing Chase the Cheese, and you can check out the pay table on the game to find out the specific images that will need to be matched in order for you to win that amount for yourself.

Interactive Bonus Games

Many other types of slot machines you’d play online have the very basic of the basic bonus rounds that you can go into when you match different images. Unlike these other games, the makers of Chase the Cheese wanted to keep things fun by allowing the bonus rounds to be incredibly fun and highly interactive for the user. What’s more, there is more than one type of bonus round. This will keep things interesting for you because you will never know which specific mini game you’re going to get locked into and play.

The whole idea of the Chase the Cheese mini games is for you to either chase or grab the cheese while playing as a mouse. This gives you the opportunity to win lots of extra credits or even free spins. Depending on the amount you had bet when you went into the mini game, you could easily win thousands of credits with each bonus round that you go into. The great thing with Chase the Cheese is that bonus rounds are very easy to get because there are many of them available throughout the course of the game.

The Random Wins on Chase the Cheese

Random wins are also very apparent on Chase the Cheese because you can match and win on different images being played. Scatter and wild wins may not pay as much as the jackpot or bonus rounds, but they can potentially win you a lot of credits throughout the course of Chase the Cheese because of the amount you’ll hit. When playing all lines and with max bets, you could easily win a scatter or wild spin with every single spin that you make. This will obvious differ depending on the amount of lines you’re playing when you press the spin button on the game.

The pay table available on Chase the Cheese outlines exactly which images need to be paired together to get these types of wins. You will notice that the images used on Chase the Cheese are easy to see and incredibly different from one another, so it’s simple to keep up with each spin and know exactly what you are matching to make your credits increase. Winning a lot on the game is made easy when you look at all the different types of ways to earn more credits.

Playing Chase the Cheese

Chase the Cheese is a fun and highly addictive slot machine game that is similar and unlike anything you might have played in the past. You have dozens of ways to match and win on the slot machine itself, so it is important to play often to increase your chances of winning bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. The game also has smooth game play for those who are using their computers or mobile devices. The way you play your game is entirely up to you, since many people choose to either download the game on its own or download it through a casino site that they might be a member of.

No matter how you choose to play Chase the Cheese, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the more popular slots out there. It’s been downloaded and played millions of times by people from all different walks of life. Whether you’re young and just looking to have fun or are older and want to earn credits that can be transferred to real cash amounts, Chase the Cheese has what you’re looking for and makes the entire game a lot of fun for you to enjoy while playing both night and day.