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Boomanji Slot Machine Bonus Features

The Boomanji slot machine allows its players to make use of its many bonus features throughout game play mode. Boomanji is a very fun-themed casino slot machine that has a bomb and firework theme to it. Because of this, you’ll get a chance to match different fireworks and images to create a real bang and win lots of extra credits. For those interested in Boomanji, you may be interested in knowing what the bonus features happen to be with each of the spins you’ll get a chance to take. Knowing the available bonus features can give you a chance to see if it’s the right slot machine for you.

Bonus Rounds

As with many other slot machines you’d find on the Internet or for mobile devices, Boomanji has a variety of chances for you to get locked into a bonus round. Bonus rounds on Boomanji are a lot of fun and incredibly interactive for the player. It’s not uncommon for you to get locked into one of these bonus rounds by matching a variety of different images to each other. In this case, you will need to match the images clearly marked on Boomanji with a bonus symbol. You will have greater chances of getting a bonus round if you’re betting a lot and playing multiple lines.

Bonus rounds found on Boomanji are very interactive and can be lots of fun. If you choose the right type of bomb or firework to set off during the game play bonus round, you can win lots of credits. The credits will automatically go into your account to either be cashed out with later on or you may also choose that you would like to continue playing to see if you can win even more. Bonus rounds are a great way to win big when playing Boomanji.

Different Line Plays

Another bonus feature obvious with those playing Boomanji would be the fact that you can play multiple lines at any given time. You will also find it very easy to change the amount of lines that you are playing at that current moment by just clicking a few buttons. One of the great things about Boomanji is that the theme and colors are more muted, so you will not have issues finding the buttons you need during the actual game play itself. You can bet more credits by playing more lines, but you can also save your credits by playing fewer lines throughout the game. It is entirely up to you how you choose to play Boomanji.


In order to see the current jackpot available on Boomanji, you just need to look at the top of the screen at any time during game play. The jackpot on Boomanji is progressive, which means that it continues to climb with each spin that you or other players are making. If you win the jackpot, you could potentially win tens of thousands of credits to put towards the game itself. You choose to either cash out with these winnings or you may want to play on to see if you can win even more. The way that you play and win on the game is entirely up to you, and this is what makes Boomanji a favorite among slot players worldwide.

Wild and Scatter Spins

Wild and scatter spins are also readily available while you are playing Boomanji. The great thing about these particular wins is that you will notice that they come quite often. You may even notice that if you’re playing many lines at a time, you get a wild or scatter win with each spin or almost every spin that you make. With scatter and wild spins, you will gain a certain amount of credits that can either reimburse you for the spin itself or help you to win lots of extra credits. Boomanji makes it easy for you to get these types of wins by matching different bombs and firework images to each other on the screen, and you can easily get into the pay table to see what you have to match in order to win these spins.

The Theme of the Game

Unlike traditional slots with numbers and letters found on the spin board, Boomanji has a nice and unique theme to it that involves lots of bombs and fireworks. This is obviously how the game has gotten its name and why many players find Boomanji to be one of the better choices as far as online slot machines go. The fact that you have multiple ways to win with bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and scatter wins will enable you to gain a lot of extra credits that you will find useful for this or other types of games.

When it comes down to it, Boomanji is a wonderful option for those who adore online slot machines. It’s a choice many players are making because of the unique and highly useful bonus features found throughout game play with Boomanji. If you feel that you would like to be playing a slot machine that offers a variety of ways that you can win, it might be time to download Boomanji for yourself and see what it’s all about. This gives you the chance to win progressive jackpots and get into bonus rounds that could win you lots of credits in the process.