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For anyone who enjoys themed based slot machines that put in the extra effort of animations, music and sound effects, Black Gold Slot is the way to go. This takes on a wild west look and it really captures the feeling very well. From the animations to the icons and even the sound effects, a player is really going to become lost in the illusion that they are playing a game back in the old west. The game itself is designed by the professionals at Betsoft Gaming, a company that has produced a large line of exceptional video slot games. Of course, before anyone plays this, it is important to know what all is involved with the game and what the game is able to offer a player.

First off, it is important to know a bit about the game before anyone plays it. For starters, it is a five reel, 30 play line game. The game itself revolves around a character known as Bill and his horse, although there are many other icons that come up during the game on the reels. These icons include oil barrels, drills, money, “No Trespassing” sign and several other minor images that appear on the reels but don’t have as much significant meaning.

It is necessary to understand that this game does have re-spins, but it does not have wild cards. So, for someone who is interested in playing a game that does feature wild cards, this is not the game for them. However, there is a re-spin feature that might be of interest to someone. If the re-spin icon appears, it is possible to lock the other reels in place and then have the re-spin occur where the particular icon appears (it is kind of like the game of Yahtzee, where a player holds on the matching dice and then re-rolls the dice in order to see if they come up with a match). With the re-spins, a player is able to make any sort of a winning combination on the first, second and fourth reels and the fifth is going to freeze while the center reel is spun. If a winning combination appears during the re-spin, it is going to add a 2x multiplier on it. The more the player winds during these turns, the higher the multiplier is going to go and the more re-spins are going to be offered, until the winning spin stops. Despite not having any wild cards, this is a rather entertaining alternative, so even for players who enjoy a wild card, it is at least worth a play, as they might find that they like this kind of style better.

There is a free spin mode as well. When three or more of the barn icons appear anywhere the Nighttime Free Spin mode loads. When this loads, the barn icons act as a wild card. On top of this, the multiplier icon is going to work as a free spin offering as well, which means a player is not only able to land on some desirable payoffs, but the free spin can add up to a large sum of winnings during the Nighttime Free Spin mode.

Beyond the free spin mode, which really is a nice payoff option, there are a few bonus options as well. The Drilling for Oil bonus round is a nice feature that is more of a “Clicking” feature than an actual slot machine feature. The player pushes different available icons in hopes of landing an oil image. If the individual lands at least three drill oil symbols, they are going to win a prize, which is then revealed at the end of the Drilling for Oil bonus round.

On top of it all, there is an Oil Pump bonus. This is the big bonus round of the game. Should a player land at least three pump symbols on the five reels, the game launches a “Higher or Lower” game. Basically, a number is shown and the player needs to guess if the next number shown is going to be higher or lower (similar to a rather popular card game). The player just needs to guess correctly four times, or get four wrong answers in a row, and the player receives the bonus.

In total, this game is incredibly fun to play, especially for individuals who are looking for a video slot game that offers some nice features beyond just the basic slots. The sound, music and graphics are great and set it ahead of most other slot machines. Plus, for someone who has always had a thing for the wild west or cowboys, this is a nice game that is able to offer some rather desirable gameplay features. While the game does not have any sort of wild card, the re-spin is a fun feature that players are either going to love or hate. It really is up to them to check out. In terms of betting amount, a player is able to play a penny bet per line all the way up to $5 per line. This means the minimum bet for a single game can sit at a penny (or rise to $.30 for a penny bet on all the lines) all the way up to $150, should the player decide to bet the maximum bet of $5 per line. Of course, the larger the bet, the larger the payoff.