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At the Movies Online Slot Game Features Lots of Bonus Features

It is no secret that “At the Movies” online slot games offer great bonus features and big jackpots. The game’s theme is modern cinema with software by Betsoft. Because this online slot machine features a massive 30 play lines in this fun-filled 5 reel game, there are numerous opportunities for gamers to “hit” often and win big jackpots.
Another aspect of At the Movies is linked to his awesome bonus features. For instance, this online slot features a Hollywood movie theme with Oscars, film magazines, movie equipment and classic film images as its reel symbols that pay big when you get three or more in a row. At the same time, the “features” kick-in when you get a movie camera in one of the play lines.

Bonus features make At the Movies rock for gaming fans

While the line of online slots manufactured by Betsoft games is impressive, it is equally impressive to play At the Movies in the comfort of your home and have so much fun, say gamers offering online testimonials. For example, there are many players who credit At the Movies for having “so many really cool bonus features.” The slot offers a scatter “movie projector” symbol that features both a wild symbol for more cash and lots of free spins. In fact, if you hit one or more movie projector symbols on a pay line, you’ve hit it big with a bonus feature that provides upwards of 12 to 20 free spins.

At the Movies slot game anti offers lots of bonus features

First, you get comfortable and being playing “At the Movies” as if you was viewing a film in the comfort of your home. In fact, you are playing a very high-tech and fun 3D slot machine game that Betsoft Gaming officials say is “sure to please even the most seasoned online gamer.” For example, At the Movies is filled with surprise bonus features that make players want to come back for more and more action. In addition, the slot features really cool film sounds and graphics that make you grin ear-to-ear; while hitting massive jackpots.

Meanwhile, it is no secret that with so many bonuses this slot is a huge hit online with seasoned gamers who enjoy the challenge of playing movie slots because it always surprises players with a movie going experience that is both nostalgic and exciting.

The game’s bonus features include:

– Reels that change in volume and style after each spin to reveal a possible bonus feature that many gamers online say “really creates that movie going experience right down to the pop and popcorn.” In turn, the game’s movie music is often a sure fire giveaway that a bonus is in the works. Players prepare for the many bonus features when the music plays, said one longtime gamer commenting online.

– Listen closely to the applause of the movie going audience of this fun 3D slot game and be prepared for a bonus feature to appear.

– Players can bet between 2 and 50 cents, and still hit a bonus feature.

– Bet denomination is not a bonus trigger, states the manufacture, but longtime players say “the more you bet and play, the more chances you have to score a cool bonus feature.”

– Playing one or as many as 30 lines is another gateway to exposing the slots many hidden bonus features, say players.

In general, At the Movies is chocked full of bonus features that are awaiting discovery when slot players enjoy all the ins and outs of the game over time.

Bonus features explode online when playing At the Movies

It is not unusual for an “At the Movies” online slot player to hit upwards of 20 free spins and other bonus features that award massive jackpots in the hundreds or thousands of dollars. Imagine sitting in the dark and playing this movie themed game that replicates the same feel as being in a movie theater and awaiting the action on the screen. The game’s bonus features kick-in very quickly after making a bet. What keeps gamers coming back for more “action” is how At the Movies uses lively animation and classic movie themes to set players up for a fun-filled ride that includes lots of bonus features featuring movie comedy, horror or drama themes.

Hitting bonus features when playing At the Movies

At the same time, this trending online slot game features a Brad Pitt and Oscar statuette that you surely want to hit because it means “more bonus feature action,” says a happy At the Movies player. In turn, the player points to various feature and non-feature symbols that “seem to accumulate after playing for a bit” to reveal the ever popular bonus features. While there is a certain level of “skill” involved to hit bonus after bonus feature, there are longtime players of this hot slot who think “anyone who plays a few bucks will surely hit a bonus before they know it.”

Overall, the online 3D slot game “At the Movies” is a true hit with fans who enjoy themed online gaming that really delivers when it comes to fun bonus features that reward players with bonus spins and big jackpots.