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At The Copa Slot Machine Game Bonuses

When people play the Copa slot machine game, they will enjoy a wonderful display on the screen with a dancing theme. There are vibrant graphics, fantastic ways to win and large bonuses. Knowing that they have several different ways to increase their earnings, they will want to spend time playing the At The Copa slot machine game. Players will love this game because they will have opportunities to earn when they play. It is engaging and interesting for players, and they will love how the characters move across the screen.

Bonus Round

The Dance bonus round will be triggered when a player receives two male dancers that will appear on either side of the female dancer. They will begin to dance on the screen to see which of the male dancers will get to stay with the female one. This is the bonus round, and it is something to watch so many people keep playing until they hit the bonus round.

Five Spins Mode

The free spins symbol is the Dance Shoe. A player must receive them on reels one, three and five for a total of three Dance Shoes. This will automatically trigger the free spins so that the player can earn more credits. Once the free spins mode kicks in there is ample opportunity for extra multipliers to increase earnings even more. The players will love the way the free spins play out because it is filled with excitement and if a player gets a big win, there are all kinds of coins that fly around on the screen. It is a lot of fun for players that receive the Five Spins Mode on the At The Copa slot machine game.

Double Up

Doubling Up on the At The Copa slot machine game happens after a player receives a win. They will have the option to Double Up. All they will have to do is push the Double Up button, and they will have the option to win a lot more. This will allow them another way to enjoy the At The Copa slot machine game when they are playing it.

Progressive Jackpots

When someone hits the progressive jackpot, they will have won a lot. The amount of winnings will depend on how many people are playing the game. Once someone has won the Progressive Jackpot, the jackpot will go back down to nothing. Players continue to play At The Copa slot machine game in an effort to hit this jackpot. There are three different jackpots. They are the Suave, Mediano and Caliente Jackpots. In order to hit these jackpots a player will have to hit five Chili Peppers. The Suave Jackpot will be hit when there are five Chili Peppers On any reel. The Mediano Jackpot will kick in when there are five Chili Peppers on lines two and three. For the Caliente Jackpot, there need to be five Chili Peppers on payline one. With the three jackpots, there are plenty of ways to win. It is so exciting for players to receive this opportunity so it makes them want to play even more.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on the At The Copa slot machine game is the Ocean symbol. This symbol will work with all the other icons, except for the bonus round. The Ocean symbol will give players the chance to earn more when they are playing.


Betting on the At The Copa slot machine game is up to the player, although it is always recommended that they use the maximum bet for the most earnings per spin. They should check the pay screen before they begin playing or during the game in order to understand what each symbol pays. Since they will be able to change their betting pattern at any time during the duration of the game, they can switch from maximum betting to different types of betting according to their playing fashion.


The graphics are excellent on the At The Copa slot machine game. They are well done, with well thought out characters. Every graphic in the game looks very realistic. The characters are the female dancer and two male dancers. The other symbols are the dancing shoe, congo drums, a drink, as well as others, and they are very well done. It is obvious that a lot of time was invested in the making of the game. The colors of the entire screen during the game are vibrant and the movements are smooth. The excitement shows in the characters and players can become engrossed in the game as they are playing it. The screen resolution is excellent and when a player wins, they can see exactly how much they have earned because of the way that it is set up.

People are enjoying the At The Copa slot machine game because it is fun to play. There are lot of great bonuses and ways to win. The graphics are excellent, and the players are engaged while they are increasing their earnings. Since there is a lot of excitement when playing the game, players will return again and again to try their luck at it making the progressive jackpot even higher.