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Bonus Features of Arrival Slot Game Play

One of the more interesting new video slot games presents a complex science fiction adventure story within a slot machine gaming model. Released by Betsoft in 2011, Arrival Slot combines outstanding state-of-the-art three dimensional and cartoon animation with humorous graphics and sound effects to recount a vintage version of wild tales involving fantasy, space travel, evil aliens and ray guns. Perhaps equally intriguing, it allows players to operate the controls of the game through a screen supposedly under the direction of a malevolent space being from another world.

The five reel video slot game appears on a computerized screen in the guise of a virtual slot gaming machine being directed through the operating system of a flying interstellar space craft. A nasty 3-D alien with a bulging greenish brain encased in a transparent helmet sits at the controls, clicking the panel audibly whenever a player presses a virtual button. He functions as a clear cut villain throughout the video game.

Overview of Arrival Slot Game Design

The game presents 15 panels of changing, very detailed symbols which combine in a number of ways to generate points if they fall in the correct lucky combinations across a pay line once the player pushes the spin button. With 30 pay lines, the capacity to place bets in amounts ranging from 2 cents to $75 (150 virtual coins) and a wide number of animated small winning combinations, the main screen retains viewer attention.

In addition to science-fiction movie sound effects whenever matching symbols line up across a pay line in the panels (whirring space craft, beeping robots, humming nuclear reactors) the game offers a fast-paced musical background. The malevolent diminutive alien sitting in the chair in front of the gaming panel occasionally whirls around in his chair to stare directly at the game player. He often cackles in a manner reminiscent of countless Hollywood villains.

Jackpot Symbols

In addition to the four main characters in the themed game- a blonde female scientist, a ruggedly handsome intergalactic marine, a malevolent tiny big brained alien, a lovable wide-eyed alien “pet” resembling a pink stuffed toy – we see icons from the bygone, campy nineteen fifties-era of late night television horror from outer space flicks: an alien craft, ray guns, nuclear material, nuclear reactors, a robot and a bright golden intergalactic Marine badge.

Since the video game plot revolves around the intergalactic marine rescuing the scientist from the evil intentions of the brainy alien, naturally the largest jackpot in the game occurs when the hero’s symbol lines up five times across an active pay line. This can yield a return of 2,000 times the amount bet. Many symbols, such as the nuclear power plants and the alien pet, in the right combination on the screen will produce smaller, fairly regular wins. However, interspersed among these slots jackpots, some distinctive bonus features also emerge.

Bonus Number One: A Wild Feature

When players spin the reels and obtain three or more symbols of the big brained alien across a pay line, they obtain a bonus feature similar to a wildcard in traditional casino slot games. A small animated space ship materializes from the graphical symbols on the screen to soar over one of the five reels in the game’s main screen. Players can then play some free bonus rounds in which one of the reels functions in a wild capacity, substituting for other symbols in Arrival Slot across an entire vertical column of three panels.

Since most conventional slot machine games cannot offer this type of creative wild card feature, the bonus in the Arrival Slot game appears both creative and rather unusual. Many players will enjoy the special effect of the animation on the video screen when play triggers this particular bonus opportunity.

Bonus Number Two: Additional Points Bonus Round

One of the most significant ways for a player to win additional points in the game relates directly the the main story line of Arrival Slot. When three blonde female scientist symbols occur along a single active pay line, the game directs players to a totally new scenario.

There they see the scientist contained within a huge animated bubble elevated in the center of the screen. Four prongs from a alien device hold her captive within this force field. As the evil big brained alien watches from an overhead viewing screen in the background, the intergalactic marine struggles to liberate her. He must go to a new control panel visible in the foreground and hit the correct combination of symbols (four in a row) in order to release the prisoner.

The eight symbols on the bonus screen control panel do not relate to any others in the game. In fact, they appear to be written in some form of alien script. Players must guess or utilize past experience in order to select a correct combination. They can use the screen to direct the intergalactic marine’s fingers to punch a series of buttons in an effort release his trapped female companion. The successful completion of this mission will result in the award of a number of extra points.


The excellent graphics, consistent story line and outstanding imagery lends excitement to the Arrival Slots video game. It promises a number of surprises for dedicated fans, and this attraction may inspire repeated sessions of play.