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After Night Falls Slot Machine Bonus Features

The After Night Falls slot machine is a great gaming option for those who love online slots. This particular game features a wide range of bonus options that will make it easy for you to win extra credits and do well on the game itself. Knowing what these bonus features actually are and what they can do in terms of winning you extra credits will give you a chance to see if After Night Falls is the right option for you. Playing this game is highly interactive, and it will be lots of fun for you to utilize the bonus features throughout game play.

Winning Scatter and Wild Spins

When you make the choice to give After Night Falls a try, you will immediately notice that scatter and wild spins are readily available throughout the game itself. The reason these specific types of wins are so beneficial is because they help you to win lots of free credits that can go towards extra spins. If you want to get many different credit amounts, scatter wins are the way to go. You will notice that when playing After Night Falls, you have more of a chance of actually getting those scatter and wild wins from playing more lines on the game.

This is something that you will find with most other slot machines on the web, but After Night Falls makes it different because the wins are more readily available. This means that you have greater chances of winning scatter and wild plays when you begin playing the game. The specific amount of lines you wish to play with After Night Falls will be entirely up to you, but it is not uncommon to win with the more lines that you choose to play yourself.

Winning Jackpots

After Night Falls also features a progressive jackpot that you are going to find to win you lots of cash. One of the only ways you will get a chance to actually win the progressive jackpot is if you are playing all lines at the same time with the max bet put onto them. If you are not playing the maximum amount of lines and bets, you will notice that you are unable to win the jackpot itself. The jackpot on After Night Falls is easy to see when actually playing the game, so you always know what is in the jackpot at any given time.

Winning a jackpot is a major deal when playing After Night Falls because of how much cash is in the pot. Many players who are able to win the jackpot get a chance to win thousands upon thousands of extra credits. You get to then decide if you’d like to cash out with your current winnings or simply play on to see if you’ll get a chance to win even more. In general, players will normally get to win just one jackpot and will often not have the luck to win two or more than that.


Another key bonus feature you’ll immediately notice with the game is that bonus rounds are easy to attain when playing After Night Falls. This particular game has a highly interactive bonus game that makes it very simple to get involved with how much you win. You can win more during the bonus round when choosing the right images on the screen. Bonus rounds can either win you nothing at all up to winning you thousands of extra credits that you decide how to use after coming out of the miniature game.

The mini games on After Night Falls are really fun because they’ve been designed to be as interactive as possible. There are other types of slot machines out there that you can download and play which have very boring mini games or ones that you just cannot get involved in at all. After Night Falls offers players with a number of ways to actually win, and these methods are really fun and inventive for your own enjoyment. Being able to go into a bonus mini game is easy when you match several of the bonus images on the slot machine with one another.

Playing the Game

Playing the game is easy and fun because it is available for free on computers and most mobile devices. You will obviously need to check the compatibility for After Night Falls with the specific mobile device that you are going to be using. If it is compatible, you will get a chance to download it and begin playing to your heart’s content. You can win scatter spins, bonus rounds and even the huge jackpot on After Night Falls that always goes up from one day to the next.

Having this specific type of game there to help you gain credits and earn free spins is something that all slot players adore. If you would like a themed slot machine with a really fun way to play involved within it, you’ll definitely want to try out After Night Falls for your own benefit. While the game is still relatively new among those who are playing slot machines, it’s definitely rising up to be one of the most popular options. The bonus features on the game itself are very much like other slot machines you would play, but they can be different in that they pay out a little bit more than usual.