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Bonus Features of 2 Million B.C. Slot Game

Players interested in an exciting slots with outstanding graphics will find 2 Million B.C. Slots very entertaining. The video game combines some traditional aspects of conventional casino style machines with the faster pace of computerized play and a diverting theme. Best of all, 2 Million B. C. Slots offers three potential bonus features.

The bonus aspects of this game probably deserve closer attention. All of them make generous use of advances in software graphics, which now permit the slot machine experience to incorporate brief excursions into fantasy scenarios.

Playing With Bonuses in Mind

As its title suggests, 2 Million B. C. Slots transports players into an ancient world of cave people, hungry saber tooth cats, Stonehenge-like monuments, cave paintings, sparkling gemstones, acorns, primitive bees and basic technology (the wheel, fire and clubs). The screen portrays a 15 panel slot machine framed by an imaginary world of cave dwellers.

One attractive feature of all this colorful imagery involves animation and the slots designers put that to good use, too. They also injected an element of humor into the game, a quality which no doubt helps retain player interest over time. A cave man appears in the lower right hand corner; he figures prominently in the bonus rounds.

Although several combinations of symbols produce small wins, players can play for points in an amusement arcade mode, or using real money bets in some environments. A running tally of credits and amounts appears at the bottom of the screen, along with some virtual buttons that allow game users to place bets or credits. With five reels and 30 separate pay line opportunities, the 15 panel display offers quite a bit of flexibility. The appearance of five cave woman symbols on an active pay line results in a jackpot, but many smaller opportunities to win points occur, too.

Vivid symbols produce an animated sequence of small cartoon vignettes when a win occurs. For example, if the right combination of cave paintings arises, players see the hand of an unknown archaeologist go through the screen to brush off the discovery. Sometimes the image of a bright yellow insect flies out of the reels to pick up an acorn symbol and deposit it on top of the virtual gaming machine (more about that feature in a moment). One especially nice feature of the overall presentation involves a sliding green vine framing the virtual gaming slot machine on the screen. When a win occurs, it slithers over to highlight the applicable pay line.

Bonus Number One: Winning Free Games

The appearance of three camp fire symbols anyplace on the 15 panels may potentially trigger a set of bonus rounds. The effect on the screen appears immediate. The campfire symbols spring to life. As this happens, the setting of the surrounding virtual slot machine world changes from daytime to night. Stars twinkle overhead and the cave man chows down beside a campfire while players seek a chance to win more points during the subsequent free bonus rounds.

Bonus Number Two: Defend the Cave Man from a Hungry Tiger!

When the 15 slot machine virtual panels display three acorns in the correct configuration, players receive a chance to play a brief game of skill. A hungry saber tooth tiger slinks into view across the bottom of the screen. The cave man climbs to the top of the imaginary machine with alacrity, then retrieves one of the acorns placed there earlier.

He must hurl the acorn at the hungry animal in order to defend himself. Players can control the movement on screen, and if they succeed in letting the cave man strike the tiger successfully, they earn bonus compensation in the form of extra points or money for their efforts. This feature combines aspects of a video arcade game within the slots theme.

Bonus Number Three: Diamond Rings Provide Multiple Returns

Among the symbols used in this video slots machine, game participants see various combinations of diamond rings, natural rubies and jars full of jewels. When a sufficient number of the primitive diamond rings array in the correct order on a single active pay line, players obtain a bonus opportunity to win multiples of the amount of their current bet. Three diamond rings may produce a 40 times multiplier, four diamonds may generate a 100 times multiplier and five diamonds can return 200 times the value of the bet.

This particular bonus also results in the appearance of a new screen in the game. The cave man must retrieve the diamond ring from the clutches of a saber tooth tiger in order to enjoy the reward. Players can use a check box that pops up on the screen to choose between three possible ways to accomplish this task: “amuse”, “sneak” or “attack”. Each answer leads to a humorous animated scenario. Eventually, a successful retrieval may allow the cave man to present the gift to the cave woman on the main screen.


The 2 Million B.C. Slot Game combines many aspects of slot machine play with the technology of popular video gaming. The theme of a primitive environment carries over throughout the game in colorful, animated sequences, offering a number of distinctive features for players interested in a slots experience which also provides some amusing moments.